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July 17, 1994
Re Tom Shales' commentary "Slamming the Door on 'Today' " (TV Times, July 3). Absolutely right on! "The Today Show's" "window on the world" seems as though Paddy Chayefsky's "Network" has been reincarnated as a television series. Larry Paulson, Sherman Oaks
February 14, 1998
We thank you for writing about our production, "The Panama Deception" (TV Times, Jan. 4). However, we are now headquartered in Chapel Hill, N.C., not Santa Monica. BARBARA TRENT Empowerment Project Chapel Hill, N.C.
June 2, 1991
The Richard A. Perkins letter (TV Times, May 12) trashing Bill Moyers has inspired me to write a letter of praise to my favorite TV hero since Edward R. Morrow. Nobody on the air today is as conscientious, sincere and prolific as Bill Moyers. I especially express my gratitude for his intellectual prowess to KCET. Marjorie A. Gross, Laguna Hills
September 1, 1991
In light of the terrible tabloiding of television (TV Times, Aug. 11), I suppose it can be said that if television once had a "Golden Age" and it was still called a "wasteland," what we're now witnessing is the Sordid Age of the medium and it wouldn't hurt to call it a toxic waste dump. Rickey C. Mantley, Los Angeles
August 23, 1992
How could you forget Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" in the story "First-Rate Second Bananas" (TV Times, July 26)? He is by far the most talented supporting actor on television and a major part of the show. Jean Lawrence, Beverly Hills
May 16, 1993
I just want to confirm the impression made by your Chuck Norris article (TV Times, April 18). As a former bartender at the L.A. Music Center I came across quite a few celebrities. Norris, who had a Coca-Cola, was both the nicest and the least stuck-up famous person I served. Tom Haggerty, Hollywood
June 16, 1991
Al Halpern's letter (TV Times, June 2) voiced disappointment in the last episode of "Dallas" (CBS, May 3), but that was nothing compared to the last episode of "thirtysomething" (ABC, May 28). How could the writers of the marvelous show traumatize it's loyal fans by not tying up the loose ends better than they did. The possibilities were endless. Susan J. Becker, Oxnard
August 6, 1995
Hasn't Channel 5 (KTLA) figured out that we're sick of the O.J. Simpson trial yet? Every single time I see something in TV Times on Channel 5, it's not on because of O.J. Get a clue, Channel 5--no one cares. Anna Robinson, Mission Hills
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