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U S Comedy Arts Festival

February 19, 2006 | Blake Hennon
Aspen, Colo. March 8-12: Laugh it up at the 12th annual U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Along with stand-up, sketch and alternative performances from emerging talent, Goldie Hawn will be honored with the AFI Star Award. Garry Shandling and Jeffrey Tambor will be on hand for a tribute to "The Larry Sanders Show," and Russell Simmons will celebrate the 15th anniversary of "Def Comedy Jam."
November 21, 2013 | By David Ng
Monty Python has made it official. The beloved British comedy group will be reuniting in July for a one-performance-only stage show at London's O2 Arena. The surviving members of Monty Python made the announcement Thursday at a comic press conference in London. The conference -- which some British news outlets streamed live online and which can be viewed in its entirety in the video above -- featured Eric Idle, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones. (The sixth Python member Graham Chapman died in 1989.)
March 7, 2004 | Don Shirley
A culture clash seemed possible when the brash Latino comedy trio Culture Clash agreed to collaborate with Frank Loesser of "Guys and Dolls" fame. Actually, the group's partner was Loesser's legacy -- not the songwriter himself, who died in 1969. He left behind an unfinished musical called "Senor Discretion Himself," set in a small Mexican town and based on a short story by Budd Schulberg.
June 10, 2004 | Susan King
Mystic River Sean Penn, Tim Robbins Warners, $40 With the disappointing version of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and dud thrillers such as "Absolute Power" and "Blood Work," it seemed that Oscar-winning director Clint Eastwood had lost his touch. But he made a powerful comeback last year with this adaptation of Dennis Lehane's bestseller. Sean Penn, Tim Robbins and Kevin Bacon play former childhood friends from a working-class Boston neighborhood whose lives were disrupted when one of them was kidnapped and sexually abused by two men. Now, years later, the three are reunited when Penn's daughter is murdered.
March 6, 2007 | Richard Rushfield, Times Staff Writer
What do a hundred plus of America's hottest comedians talk about when they get together? Each year scores of up-and-coming stand-ups, established comedy stars and a few lions of laughter gather here for the HBO-sponsored U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. This year, as always, the town itself offered a bottomless well of comic fodder.
After its premiere in 1996 at Theatre East in Studio City, Seth Isler's "The Godfather Workout," a one-man restaging of Francis Ford Coppola's "The Godfather," took a road trip to Aspen's U.S. Comedy Arts Festival and to New York. The trip is over, and Isler's show has returned to where it began. For those wondering if Coppola ever saw it, the answer is yes--on the set of "The Conan O'Brien Show."
January 13, 1996 | SHAUNA SNOW
MOVIES Updating Malle's 'Elevator': A remake of the late Louis Malle's first feature film, 1957's "Elevator to the Gallows," is in early pre-production at Phoenix Pictures, the new company formed by Mike Medavoy and Arnold Messer.
March 14, 2003 | Stewart Oksenhorn, Special to The Times
When Bob Odenkirk learned that Fox was going to produce a pilot of his sitcom idea -- "The Big Wide World of Carl Laemke," about a suburban father who refuses to grow up -- he was briefly elated. Then the dread set in. "I thought, 'Years of stories? I don't know, man,' " said Odenkirk, whose past TV experience includes the satiric "Mr. Show" on HBO. "And somebody from the network said, 'Don't worry, most shows don't make it.'
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