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April 22, 1988 | BILL BILLITER, Times Staff Writer
The University of California faces a crisis situation because of the low number of Latino students and faculty in the nine-campus system, according those who attended a two-day gathering that concluded Thursday at the Irvine Hilton. The gathering of about 300 Latino professors, administrators and students from the UC system ended with militant warnings. "Something must be done (to get better Latino representation)," said Roberto P.
December 9, 1998
There is an intelligent solution to the teaching assistants' complaints at the University of California: adjunct faculty. We hold PhDs, we are not apprentices, we are experienced and flexible. We are many; many the products of the UC system, especially the humanities and social sciences. And we earn about $18,000 a year, about what UC spends on TAs. THURBER D. PROFFITT PhD Adjunct, History Department Cerritos College
March 18, 1990
Rather than uselessly attempting to force Chancellor Jack Peltason to break away from the UC system's policy of allowing only married students to reside in the family housing complex, why don't they address the basis of the problem and lobby the state Legislature to legalize the marriage of gays and lesbians? SUSAN VON SEGGERN Newport Beach
May 14, 2013
Re "Reagan and the fall of UC," Opinion, May 10 Seth Rosenfeld argues that then-Gov. Ronald Reagan's opposition to the 1960s radicalization of the University of California campuses - Berkeley in particular - was the main driver in the decline of the UC system. He overlooks that this very radicalization has diminished the value of a UC education. In the 1950s, when the UC system was at its peak, students were "well groomed and complacent" (to use Rosenfeld's words). They were in college to learn, not to protest.
November 21, 1987
The UC Board of Regents voted Friday to establish a humanities think tank at UCI, the second approved for the university in three months. The regents, meeting in Riverside, unanimously agreed to a proposal by UC President David Gardner to create a new Critical Theory Institute at UCI. The institute stems from a campus study group begun at UCI about five years ago. The cost, now about $45,000, will be absorbed by the entire UC system.
September 15, 1987 | BILL BILLITER, Times Staff Writer
UC Irvine has been chosen over four other UC campuses as the site for the new University of California Humanities Institute, sources said Monday. The institute would be a place where up to 25 scholars reside on campus for a year, studying issues affecting the humanities. The regents, who will meet Thursday and Friday at UCLA, are expected to launch a so-called "Humanities Initiative" for the nine-campus UC system.
May 18, 2013
Responding to Seth Rosenfeld's May 10 Op-Ed article linking then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan's harsh condemnation of student protests in the 1960s to the eventual decline of the University of California system, reader Bruce Bates wrote in a letter published Tuesday that Rosenfeld "overlooks that this very radicalization has diminished the value of a UC education. " Bates continued: "In the 1950s, when the UC system was at its peak, students were 'well groomed and complacent' (to use Rosenfeld's words)
April 7, 2002 | MATTHEW BELLONI, Matthew Belloni is Notes editor of the Southern California Law Review at USC Law School and a former Opinion editor of the Daily Californian at UC Berkeley.
The University of California may have accomplished a task not possible in 30 years of education reform: convincing the test-making wizards at the College Board to radically overhaul their most hallowed and feared exam, the SAT I. And we can follow the money to figure out why. The nine-campus, 130,000-undergraduate UC system is the largest and most prestigious public university in the country, so when its president and regents began discussing how...
May 21, 2013 | By Larry Gordon, ]This post has been corrected. See the note below for details.
Earlier this month, USC students and alumni were gloating about how their school had hired two top neuroscientists from UCLA, and UC system officials said they were upset by the loss. This week, however, UC announced that it has wooed away a prominent USC faculty member and former administrator at that campus. Howard Gillman, a longtime USC political science professor and former dean of the university's College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, has been appointed provost and executive vice chancellor of UC Irvine.
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