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Ugly Betty

August 10, 2006 | Scott Collins, Times Staff Writer
IS a comedy-drama about a clumsy young woman who wears braces and fashion-disastrous ponchos destined to become this fall's breakout TV hit? That's what ABC is betting. The network announced Wednesday that "Ugly Betty" -- an Americanized version of the Colombian telenovela "Yo Soy Betty, la Fea" (I Am Betty, the Ugly) -- will, starting Sept. 28, take over the 8 p.m. Thursday slot leading into "Grey's Anatomy," one of the most watched shows on television.
November 8, 2006 | Maria Elena Fernandez, Times Staff Writer
MIRROR, mirror on the wall: Who is the fairest new TV character of them all? Her name is Betty Suarez, the 22-year-old magazine editorial assistant you might know as "Ugly Betty," ABC's fresh and spunky superstar. The show is one of only a few unquestionable successes of the fall season thanks to its appeal to a multicultural, predominantly female audience. More than 14 million viewers, mostly women of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ages, have made "Ugly Betty" the No.
January 31, 2007 | Maria Elena Fernandez, Times Staff Writer
AS the 12-year-old nephew of Betty Suarez on "Ugly Betty," Justin Suarez is not your average television series foil. For starters, he's Latino. He also knows exactly how a belt can accessorize a Valentino gown; he can sing and tap a la Gene Kelly in "On the Town," and when a cheating boyfriend breaks his aunt's heart, Justin's antidote is to offer her chamomile tea. Is there a subtext there?
May 10, 2008
Talk about a blow to the ego -- Los Angeles is about to be dumped by "Ugly Betty." But the impending breakup isn't about something so shallow as looks. The popular ABC sitcom is poised to leave Hollywood for something much more substantial: money. ABC Studios, which produces the comedy for its corporate sibling, may move the show to New York after two seasons here because the Empire State just tripled its tax incentives for film and TV.
September 16, 2006 | Chris Kraul, Times Staff Writer
Tip your sombrero, Juan Valdez, to Colombia's next cultural icon: Ugly Betty. When the English-language telenovela about the fashion-challenged character premieres on ABC prime time this month, it will vault the Colombian broadcast industry into the middle of U.S. pop culture. The global success of the Betty character, which first appeared here seven years ago, launched Colombia as a major force in telenovelas, as soap operas are called in Spanish.
September 20, 2009 | Denise Martin
A battle royal is brewing in the least likely of places. Four shows with established audiences -- "Dollhouse," "Ugly Betty," "Medium" and "Southland" -- will face off Fridays at 9 p.m. this fall. Could the night where shows go to die reemerge as a day for appointment television? Last year, when Fox decided to launch "Dollhouse" on Fridays, panic set in among fans of series creator Joss Whedon. "It's 'Firefly' all over again!" wrote one worried observer on the website Whedonesque.
January 17, 2008 | Denise Martin, Special to The Times
When we last saw "Ugly Betty's" lovelorn Gio, the pint-sized sandwich guy from Queens with eyes for Betty, he was getting schooled on the dance floor by her boyfriend, the nerdy accountant Henry. Actor Freddy Rodriguez, who portrays the impish Gio, disputes that version of events: He got to dance with Betty first in the episode. And his dance ended with a passionate dip. "Hey, I got to show off some of my moves too!" he said with a laugh.
April 20, 2008 | Maria Elena Fernandez, Times Staff Writer
In faraway places like Europe, Australia and Israel, Hollywood talent agents are tapping the imaginations of screenwriters and producers, hoping to unearth some Michael magic or Betty brilliance. No longer confined to Hollywood, or even to sister city London, where many reality franchises have been born, the search for the next Michael Scott and Betty Suarez is on, now that "The Office" and "Ugly Betty" have proved that it is possible to successfully adapt a foreign scripted series for a big U.
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