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March 31, 2001
How exciting to contemplate the coming baseball season with its unbalanced schedule. Angel fans now get to see more of crowd pleasers Seattle, Oakland and Texas and less of the dull Yankees, Red Sox and Indians. Just think, we might miss Pedro Martinez and Roger Clemens completely and will see a lot less of Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, Manny Ramirez and Juan Gonzalez. Brilliant, Bud! JERRY MAZENKO Garden Grove Apparently the Angels are trying to corner the market on weak-hitting middle infielders, with the trades of good arms for Wilmy Caceres and Jose Nieves.
March 13, 2013
New budget proposals this week from influential members of the House Republican and Senate Democratic leadership are the stuff of political caricatures. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.), last year's Republican nominee for vice president, reprised the spending-cut talking points from his failed campaign with little change and no apparent irony. Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-Wash.), meanwhile, offered the outlines of a budget that increases taxes and spending, while doing little more than buying time on the entitlement programs at the heart of Washington's long-term problems.
December 3, 2005
Re "Terror's stealth weapon: women," Opinion, Nov. 29 Mia Bloom had some piercing insights into the role of female suicide bombers -- that they are exploited and their murderous exploits do nothing to "level the playing field in societies that consider their deaths more valuable than their lives." But if it isn't "unbalanced" and sociopathic to accept the role of murder as the only solution to leading "a sheltered life or to equalize patriarchal societies," then what is? Power will never be gained by killing.
March 7, 2013 | By Neela Banerjee, Washington Bureau
WASHINGTON - President Obama's nominee to steer the Interior Department, REI Chief Executive Sally Jewell, vowed Thursday to balance competing demands on public lands for conservation and resource exploitation. But several senators of both parties expressed wariness of Jewell's involvement in conservation groups, suggesting that she might not adequately support fossil fuel development on federal acreage. Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.) has focused on Jewell's tenure on the board of the National Parks Conservation Assn., an advocacy group for the nation's parks, as a possible barrier to her fairness.
December 26, 1987
Regarding the front-page photograph of an Israeli soldier said to have "fired his rifle in the direction of Palestinian demonstrators (Part I, Dec. 12), attention is redirected to the unbalanced dwelling on such news when coming out of Israel. Part of the problem, of course, is the fact that Israel is very much a democracy so that photographers and newsmen have their field day there, which is denied them elsewhere in the Middle East, as, for example, in the continuing war between Iran and Iraq where far larger numbers are casualties every day with practically no news or fanfare, including at the United Nations.
October 6, 1996
Your coverage of the horrible murders of the young Christian men in Colorado was most commendable. Thank you for sharing the witness of the faith of the Turville family that their son and brother is indeed in heaven with our Lord--and that they have forgiven his killer. These senseless, tragic murders should prove to us once and for all how the violence-filled rap music can afflict a troubled mind. May God forgive us for allowing it. MARJORIE TEMPEL Fullerton In your story about the tragic, execution-style slaying of three young Orange County men in Colorado by their deranged roommate, one phrase stood out among the horror: "Firing his 9-millimeter Baretta.
August 31, 1986
With the massacre in Edmond, the NRA will again be criticized for its hostility to handgun control. But the NRA has no option. They have taken one clause of the Constitution--"the right to bear arms"--and made it the only thing in life. Other groups do the same thing. The American Civil Liberties Union takes "freedom of speech," and defends Nazis marching in Jewish communities. The NRA states that the price of freedom is that felons and madmen be allowed to bear arms. The NRA and the ACLU are tarred with the same brush--take one clause in one document and ignore any balanced point of view.
February 19, 1992
To say I was disappointed with your coverage of my doctoral dissertation on sexual harassment in the military is an understatement (Feb. 9, 10). The story came perilously close to tabloid journalism. Your article chose to focus on only the most sensational aspects of the cases I studied and took significant details out of context. It overlooked proposed solutions in favor of using lurid particulars to attract readers. The larger issue concerning how to tackle sexual harassment in tradition-bound, male-dominated organizations was ignored in lieu of giving the Navy yet another black eye. Sexual harassment continues to exist in the military, as it does in all organizations.
April 25, 2002
It's amazing that The Times chose not to write at all about the Israel Independence Day Festival this past Sunday at Woodley Park in the San Fernando Valley. By some estimates, close to 70,000 people participated, and such an event is surely worthy of coverage. I am sure that if it were a Palestinian demonstration we would see it extensively reported--and on the front page. Is this the balance in reporting that The Times professes to offer? Jean Zauderer Los Angeles
February 19, 2008
Re "Tax loophole saved at expense of poor," column, Feb. 18 Although we are all going to lose comforts that we take for granted during this recession, our Republican state legislators seem to have lost their consciences. While the poor absorb the greatest losses as public education and Medi-Cal are punished with dramatic cuts, the Republicans managed to protect those purchasing yachts from paying taxes on their pleasure cruisers. The lack of common sense and decency defies comprehension.
July 25, 2012 | By Michael A. Memoli and Seema Mehta, Los Angeles Times
NEW ORLEANS - President Obama vowed Wednesday night to "leave no stone unturned" in seeking to curb violence in American cities, including reasonable restrictions on gun ownership - a sharp break from the position set out earlier in the day by his Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. The president offered his most extensive comments in some time on the issue of gun control in a speech to the National Urban League, which closed a four-day trip that began in Colorado, where he met with victims of the movie theater shooting that claimed a dozen lives.
April 1, 2012 | By Larry Gordon, Los Angeles Times
The University of California is a hotbed of leftist faculty and politically correct thinking where many students are receiving a weak and unbalanced education, according to a report by a conservative organization of professors and administrators. The study by the California Assn. of Scholars repeats objections conservatives have had for decades over what they see as an overwhelmingly liberal academia that stifles dissent. Especially in UC humanities departments, study of classics and rigorous analysis have been replaced by advocacy of a leftist agenda and teaching about the grievances of various minorities, the report says.
June 17, 2011 | By Shane Goldmacher and Anthony York, Los Angeles Times
Reporting from Sacramento and Los Angeles -- Gov. Jerry Brown issued a historic veto of the budget approved by Democratic lawmakers hours after they passed it, opening wide a rift within his own party and throwing the state's financial future into limbo. The Democrats had pushed through the spending plan Wednesday, relying heavily on crafty accounting to patch over the state's deficit, after the governor's talks with Republicans on a tax package faltered. On Thursday morning, Brown called the budget "unbalanced.
December 17, 2010
Love it or hate it, Fox News has shaken up the media establishment and achieved financial success by airing the views of strident conservative pundits. Yet while the network has never made any bones about the political slant of opinion shows hosted by the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly, executives often claim that its news coverage is "fair and balanced. " A memo revealed this week by the liberal watchdog group Media Matters calls that into question. The first time Media Matters unveiled a leaked e-mail from Bill Sammon, Fox News' Washington managing editor, it was hardly worthy of mention.
March 17, 2010 | By Roger Vincent
Embattled commercial landlord Maguire Properties Inc. has sold a Santa Ana office complex for $90 million as part of a long campaign to reduce debt and right itself financially. Buyers Lincoln Property Group and Angelo Gordon & Co. paid cash for the Griffin Towers complex next to the Costa Mesa Freeway, Maguire Properties in Los Angeles said Tuesday. The twin 13-story towers, built in 1987, are 77% leased to such tenants as Corinthian Colleges and engineering firm CH2M Hill Inc. The transaction was the largest office sale in Southern California this year, according to real estate brokerage CB Richard Ellis Inc., which represented Maguire Properties in the deal.
September 19, 2007 | Eric Stephens, Times Staff Writer
The NHL's board of governors on Tuesday took the first step toward doing away with the league's often-criticized schedule format that is heavy on conference and divisional games. "I think it's clear that there will be a change," NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman told the Canadian Press after the four-hour board of governors meeting in Chicago. A vote is expected at the board's next meeting, which takes place in Pebble Beach in late November.
Lawrence Singleton, say his Florida prosecutors, killed a prostitute with a dozen enraged stabs of a boning knife. Mary Vincent is not surprised. He took her life 19 years ago. "He really did," she says with a slight shudder, with awful pain in her words. "He destroyed everything about me. My way of thinking. My way of life. Holding on to innocence . . . and I'm still doing everything I can to hold on." Singleton also devastated a young dream.
April 18, 1997 | JANA J. MONJI
"It's hard to be special," declares Wilma (Diana Castle), the Southern belle and former cheerleader turned psycho housewife in Will Scheffer's "Easter," at the 2100 Square Feet performance space. Scheffer creates an eerie universe of Wonderbread, middle-class Midwestern America, where churches have been mysteriously burning down.
March 28, 2006 | Louise Roug, Times Staff Writer
The Bush administration has poured millions of dollars into creating Western-style news media in Iraq, backing at least two television channels as well as training programs for Iraqi journalists on balance and ethics. The effort has helped launch more than a dozen Iraqi channels. But the result is hardly what the administration set out to accomplish. Most of the channels are increasingly sectarian and often appear to be inflaming the country's tensions, critics say.
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