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Unborn Child

August 25, 2002
Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa is an expert on yoga ("Earth Mother, Yoga Star," Aug. 16). She obviously knows what she is doing to give mothers relaxation and serenity, and this doubtless has a positive effect on the unborn child. But she demonstrates the fatal flaw of many "gurus." Charles Lindbergh was an expert on aeronautics, but he expounded on (and was listened to about) politics when he had no more expertise than the person in the street. Gurus have an obligation to be careful about the spillover halo effect.
June 30, 1991
My response to the articles debating RU-486 and other forms of abortion versus right to life is based on a more emotional, instinctive approach. As a pregnant woman and mother of a 2-year-old, in my wildest dreams I could not imagine terminating a pregnancy. The bond between mother and unborn child is so strong. An abortion is an unbelievable degradation of human life, even at its earliest inception with the use of RU-486. I do not understand why a woman who finds herself inconveniently pregnant wouldn't hook up with one of the many couples who long for infants to adopt.
January 2, 2008 | From Times Wire Reports
A suburban Chicago man is accused of setting an apartment fire -- killing his pregnant daughter, her husband and their young child -- because the son-in-law didn't ask permission for the marriage, prosecutors said. Subhash Chander, 57, of Oak Forest was ordered held without bond on three counts of first-degree murder, one count of intentional homicide of an unborn child and one count of aggravated arson.
July 3, 1990
I question your concern over "poor women" without at least considering the rights of unborn children. There is something wrong with our sense of values when we have more concern over issues of pollution and endangered species rather than the value of an unborn child. Who knows how many geniuses we have discarded in trash cans because we have not been willing to pay the consequences for our actions. GENE HEATHERTON Fullerton
September 11, 1991
Navarro's article regarding her Aunt Perrie's decision to have an abortion because of complications in the development of her unborn child is not an issue of a lack of empathy or discrimination towards the disabled. Aunt Perrie in fact seemed intelligently aware of the struggle that the disabled do face each day. Her decision to abort her child is not a personal one against Navarro's disability in any way. LENA RIVKIN Glendale
May 4, 1991
In order to accept Kissling's proposal of a "just abortion" to be considered the equivalent of a "just war," one would have to accept the idea that an unborn child is an aggressor against his or her own mother--such an aggressor that the child's death is justified in his or her mother's defense. Surely this is abhorrent to any thinking person. BRIDA CONNOLLY Santa Monica
February 22, 2009 | Times Wire Reports
An 11-year-old boy shot his father's eight-months pregnant girlfriend in the back of the head as she lay in bed in their western Pennsylvania farmhouse, then got on the bus and went to school, authorities said. Jordan Brown of Wampum was charged as an adult in the shooting deaths of Kenzie Marie Houk and the unborn child. The fifth-grader was picked up from school Friday by Pennsylvania State Police, who found Houk's body after her 4-year-old daughter told tree cutters on the property that she thought her mother was dead.
June 11, 1985
Gerber is again trying to rewrite medical history. Contrary to the insinuations in his essay, many of the pro-abortion views and practices he describes were almost nonexistent in the medical profession a mere 20 years ago. In fact, when the child, on occasion, survives an abortion, some abortionist-physicians have argued that they then have an obligation to kill it, secondarily, as an implied part of the abortion-contract made with the mother....
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