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Unborn Child

June 11, 1985
Gerber is again trying to rewrite medical history. Contrary to the insinuations in his essay, many of the pro-abortion views and practices he describes were almost nonexistent in the medical profession a mere 20 years ago. In fact, when the child, on occasion, survives an abortion, some abortionist-physicians have argued that they then have an obligation to kill it, secondarily, as an implied part of the abortion-contract made with the mother....
January 29, 1987
Two young people from Guerneville have been arrested and charged with grand theft for selling what they said was their unborn child to two childless couples. Two undercover Sonoma County sheriff's deputies posing as parents also wanting to adopt babies arrested Edwin N. Tonkin, 23, and Leann M. Wild, 21, after they agreed to sell them their unborn child. Tonkin and Wild were booked on the grand theft charges and placed in the Sonoma County Jail in Santa Rosa with bail set at $10,000 each.
May 11, 1989
I have just finished reading "Alcohol on Trial" (by Joni Blackman, May 4). A more appropriate title would have been "Alcoholic on Trial." I have never in my life felt such anger toward a person I've never met. The Thorps claim that they never heard that alcohol could harm an unborn child. Candy Thorp has already had two children. How did she think those unborn infants got their food supply? Did she ever go to a doctor? A competent obstetrician will always tell an expectant woman what she should and should not eat or drink.
May 7, 1989
"Drug Babies Push Issue of Fetal Rights" immediately caught my eye as I picked up my morning paper (April 25). Fetal rights for drug babies? I thought Roe vs. Wade guaranteed that no fetal rights--including life--could take precedence over the mother's rights, even her right to kill her unborn child deliberately through the agency of a doctor and a few tools. Why would inducing drug dependency in the unborn or subjecting her fetus to the dangerous side effects of her own drug abuse be considered worse than terminating the fetus' life?
October 23, 2013 | Fox 40 Sacramento
Six people are dead after a multicar crash in Central California, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child and three school-age siblings, authorities said. The crash occurred at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in Lodi, about 15 miles north of Stockton. Five cars collided near Ham Lane and Vine Street. Five people died Tuesday evening; the sixth died overnight. At least a dozen other victims, including children, were treated either at the scene or area hospitals. Witnesses said that a sport utility vehicle was speeding at nearly 90 mph just before the crash.  The investigation of the crash was continuing.
September 9, 2000
Let me see if I've got this straight: A left-handed relief pitcher, showing his immaturity, mouths off to a magazine reporter and is fined, suspended and vilified by your columnists. An NFL defensive back physically beats his pregnant wife, putting both her and her unborn child's health in danger, and he receives a suspended sentence and probation. One broke no laws at all and hurt nobody but himself with his stupid comments. The other committed a major crime, physically harming someone, but I guess it's not a juicy or trendy enough subject for your columnists.
April 8, 1993
Concerning the March 4 Dianne Klein column "Law Needed to Protect Homes From Picketers," a more apropos title that deals with the heart of the real issue: Law Needed to Protect the Mutilation of the Most Defenseless--the Unborn Child . . . There are no articles from you on this vital protection of precious life matter, yet there's support for the Children's Defense Fund, etc., and if you murder a pregnant woman, the charges will be for...
October 30, 1988
During the past several weeks I have read thousands of words written about the subject of abortion--words that agonize over the rights of a woman, of society, of the unborn child and the obligation of legislators. As far as I can see, there hasn't been one word written on the rights of the father. Despite the fact that the mother is the "guardian of the fetus" and as such can do almost anything she wants under present laws, there should be a way of allowing the father some say in the outcome of the pregnancy.
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