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Unethical Behavior

July 7, 2003 | Naldy Estrada and Julio Robles
As reporters for our student newspaper, it was only natural that we would do a story about Jacqueline Domac, a 39-year-old health teacher at Venice High School who had led a controversial crusade to ban junk food on campus. But when we began our research, we never imagined what we would learn about Domac or that our story for the paper would be unceremoniously killed, our reporting would come under attack and our rights as student journalists would be trampled on.
March 22, 2010 | By Tim Rutten
"Ill Fares the Land" is a remarkably compelling book made all the more so by the remarkable circumstances surrounding its composition. Its author, British-born Tony Judt, is our preeminent historian of postwar Europe, a scholar of remarkable breadth and erudition and one of the West's foremost and most outspoken public intellectuals. Educated at Cambridge and at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris and currently university professor and head of the Remarque Institute of European Studies at New York University, Judt is by conviction a man of the left, though a formidable independence of mind seems to have rendered him impervious to orthodoxy.
March 10, 1988 | Associated Press
Vice President George Bush said today he is "tired of being embarrassed" by scandals surrounding public officials and unethical behavior by high government officials. He pledged he would create a special White House ethics panel if elected President.
June 4, 1986
In your editorial you question the ethics of Commissioner Ezell for assisting Antonovich in filming a campaign commercial. I am no longer surprised by unethical behavior by Reagan appointees, however I find the timing of Ezell's partisan activities very interesting. It was only a few months ago that the Reagan Administration found it necessary to prosecute two government employee union leaders for Hatch Act violations. Both of these union leaders had been on leave without pay from their government jobs for many years when their alleged partisan activities took place.
March 1, 1998
Re Christine Baron's Feb. 23 column, "Cheating: Students' Fault or Do Teachers Share Blame?" I cannot believe that anyone, particularly a teacher, could or would explain cheating as anything but a criminal and unethical act committed by the person doing the cheating. To imply that the teacher is in some way responsible for students' cheating is no better than placing the blame on a child who is the victim of abuse. If anyone is to share the blame with the student it should be the parents of those students.
December 20, 1992
The recent Times disclosures that Orange County attorney James Gunderson has become the recipient of millions of dollars from the estates of senior citizens whose wills he prepared may be the tip of an enormous iceberg. Living Trusts, which are confidential relationships between the creator of the trust and the trustee, are now the estate planning tool of choice for most seniors. This very confidentiality greatly increases the likelihood that such abuses will remain undetected.
September 20, 2005 | From Bloomberg News
PG&E Corp.'s Pacific Gas & Electric utility said it fired a consulting company suspected of hacking into the computer system of an irrigation district that is trying to take over territory from the utility. An employee of the consultant, Meridian Pacific Inc., allegedly obtained computer files last week from the South San Joaquin Irrigation District, which is attempting to take over territory with about 35,000 power meters, Pacific Gas spokesman Jon Tremayne said Monday.
December 12, 2002
I was totally disgusted as I read "Embezzler Repays Victims, Avoids Jail" (Dec. 5), about the criminal acts of disbarred attorney Cristeta Paguirigan -- embezzlement, stealing from elderly clients, forgery, bouncing checks and her other unethical behavior. I am sickened and outraged that this criminal is working as a "litigation specialist" for the city of South Gate at $200 an hour, racking up $350,000 in income over the last 12 months, which is far more than most hard-working, ethical, licensed attorneys earn.
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