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United Nations Italy

July 15, 1993 | From Associated Press
Militiamen fired on U.N. headquarters and other sites Wednesday, hours after Somali militants distributed leaflets calling for revenge attacks on American soldiers. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Aid programs were at a virtual standstill in Mogadishu, and relief efforts in famished rural areas also were halted because of the gun battles in the city, aid agency officials said.
July 14, 1993 | SCOTT KRAFT, TIMES STAFF WRITER. Johannesburg bureau chief Scott Kraft was recently on assignment in Mogadishu, Somalia
The United Nations' experiment in peace "enforcement" in Somalia has been badly shaken by the fruitless three-week hunt for warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid, the escalation of urban warfare and the deaths of 35 U.N. troops and four foreign journalists. With each passing day, the stature of the fugitive Aidid in the eyes of many Somalis is growing--and the U.N.'s reputation is falling. Somalis like a winner, and to many it seems that Aidid is winning.
April 4, 1993 | SCOTT KRAFT, Scott Kraft, the Times' Johannesburg bureau chief, won this year's Sigma Delta Chi award for foreign correspondence for a story on AIDS in Africa, which appeared in this magazine
THE WHITE-ROBED SURGEON, AWEYS ABDI OMAR, hands covered in blood, was cutting into the abdomen of a Somali man in Mogadishu's Digfer Hospital when half a dozen armed men burst into the operating room, carrying a moaning figure in their arms. "Doctor, you have to leave that one," they said, pointing to the anesthetized patient on the table. "Our brother has been shot." "But this patient may die if I leave," Omar protested. "Your brother is not hurt badly. He will have to wait."
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