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United Nations Population Fund

December 13, 1992 | Reuters
The United Nations launched an $8-million project Friday to provide birth control facilities in Vietnam, which says it must curb its population growth in order to help its emerging economy. The United Nations Population Fund signed an agreement with Vietnam's Ministry of Health covering 1992-1995 to supply Vietnam with intrauterine devices and oral contraceptives and to investigate local birth control use. Vietnam, which has more than 70 million people, says it must decrease its 2.
June 16, 2004
Re "U.S. Right Squeezes Lifesaving Aid to Africans," Commentary, June 10: Barbara Crossette writes on the effect of the "gag rule" [the Republican ban on giving aid to groups that counsel people on abortion] on the Young & Wise AIDS prevention program in Ghana and on the withdrawal of U.S. funds from the United Nations Population Fund. We Americans ought to be paying more attention. The Bush administration hopes that only its "fanatical faithful" will pay attention but that for the rest of us, these mean-spirited policies will pass under the radar.
May 30, 1996 | From Times Wire Reports
More than half the world's projected 6.6 billion people in the year 2006 will be living in urban areas, underlining the prospect of crowded, violent and unhealthy cities, the United Nations Population Fund said in a report released in London. The biggest increase in urban population will be in developing countries, where the pressure on resources will be greatest, it added. "This urban future is inevitable and it should not be feared," the report said.
March 21, 2002
Re "Bush Proposes Major Boost in Development Aid," March 15: President Bush is to be lauded for wanting to increase development aid to poor countries by $5 billion. However, development without population stabilization and sustainable use of resources is meaningless. He is to be castigated for using his "ax of evil" in chopping off our country's contribution to the United Nations Population Fund, which offers family planning and reproductive health care, battles transmission of HIV and monitors violence against women and children, particularly in refugee camps in areas of conflict.
May 30, 1996 | From staff and wire reports
More than half the world's people will be living in urban areas in 10 years, underlining the prospect of ever more crowded, violent and unhealthy cities, the United Nations Population Fund said in a new report. Of a global population of 6.6 billion in 2006, 3.3 billion will inhabit towns and cities, and the biggest increase in urban populations will be in developing countries, where the pressure on resources will be greatest, the fund said.
August 14, 2002 | FRED SAI, Fred Sai is advisor to the president of Ghana on reproductive health and HIV/AIDS and on the board of directors of Population Action International.
Even from my office in Ghana, it was clear that the recent U.S. decision to cancel this year's contribution to the United Nations Population Fund had nothing to do with China's abortion policies and everything to do with politics. But that didn't stop my blood from boiling. How could one man--albeit the U.S. president--so easily wager human lives and human hopes for short-term political gain? This decision does nothing about China's population policies.
July 24, 2002
The withholding of $34 million from the United Nations Population Fund is just another in a long line of actions that distance this country from the world community (July 21). Bowing to the political pocketbook dictates another policy that will prove to be hurtful to the most needy. The action was taken based upon a lie that the money funds disapproved-of practices in China. That has proved to be false, yet the administration refuses to release the report. The U.N. Population Fund itself bars funding from going to programs involved in coercion.
February 23, 2007
Re "A horrific practice," editorial, Feb. 20 The Times' attack on female genital mutilation is the latest salvo in a decades-long campaign that is essentially a continuation of a simple concept: The West knows best. The logic in this campaign is full of faults. How exactly will ending female circumcision end inequality in Africa? You pointed to those thousands of villages that have given up the practice. OK, are women in those villages any better off? Are they no longer sold off into marriage?
October 27, 1998
Mad About Art: Scientists discovered that a certain type of dementia that attacks the front part of the brain brings on artistic expression in some sufferers. "Likewise, extreme dementia brings on NEA grants." (Gary Easley) According to Newsweek: Bill Clinton began cheating on Hillary in 1974 when they were still dating. "That part's not shocking. What's shocking is that Ken Starr wasn't following and documenting his every move."
January 16, 2002
President Bush faces a test today that pits his stated concern for the welfare of Afghan and other Third World women and children against a demand by abortion opponents. He will decide whether to release the money Congress appropriated late last year to support health care and family planning in Afghanistan and dozens of other poor countries--or, in a misguided nod to anti-abortion groups, cancel it altogether.
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