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University Hospital

September 11, 1987
Former Clemson football Coach Frank Howard, 78, underwent back surgery, and officials at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta said there were no complications.
May 30, 2008 | John M. Glionna and Charles Ornstein, Times Staff Writers
UCLA Medical Center and its most accomplished liver surgeon provided a life-saving transplant to one of Japan's most powerful gang bosses, law enforcement sources told The Times. In addition, the surgeon performed liver transplants at UCLA on three other men who are now barred from entering the United States because of their criminal records or suspected affiliation with Japanese organized crime groups, said a knowledgeable law enforcement official who spoke on condition of anonymity.
December 8, 2007 | From the Associated Press
Arnold Hardy, an amateur photographer who was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his gripping 1946 photo of a woman falling from a burning hotel, has died. He was 85. Hardy died Wednesday at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta of complications following hip surgery, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He died just two days before the 61st anniversary of the Dec. 7, 1946, fire at Atlanta's Winecoff Hotel -- a disaster that killed 119 people, more than any other hotel fire in U.S. history.
December 27, 2004 | Sandra G. Boodman, Washington Post
It's a daily occurrence in the radiology department at Georgetown University Hospital, says Susan Ascher, director of abdominal imaging: An obese patient with belly pain on the lower right side is sent for an ultrasound. The emergency room doctor and radiologist suspect appendicitis, a diagnosis the scan could confirm. But when the radiologist moves the transducer around on the patient's abdomen, all that's visible, in Ascher's words, is "a snowstorm."
December 20, 1988 | United Press International
Max Robinson, the nation's first black network television news anchor, died today at age 49 of complications from AIDS, a Howard University Hospital spokeswoman said. It had been three years since Robinson worked regularly in television. He earned his spot in broadcasting history in 1978 when he began co-anchoring the ABC Evening News from Chicago with Peter Jennings in New York and Frank Reynolds in Washington.
August 6, 1986 | CHRIS SPOLAR and SALLY JENKINS, The Washington Post
Brian Lee Tribble, home again after a one-night stint in the county jail, sat on the front porch with his family one day last week, playing with a streaky-black pit bull, a breed of dog often raised to fight and to maim other dogs.
October 3, 1993 | Associated Press
Sen. David Pryor (D-Ark.) was released Friday from Georgetown University Hospital where he had been treated for a bronchial infection. Pryor, 59, had entered the hospital on Tuesday.
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