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University Of California System

December 2, 1987 | THOMAS H. MAUGH II, Times Science Writer
Choh Hao Li, the endocrinologist who discovered the human growth hormone and gave thousands of abnormally short children the chance for a more normal life, died Saturday in Berkeley, officials at UC San Francisco announced Tuesday. He was 74.
January 16, 1993
Laurel L. Wilkening, a planetary scientist and provost at the University of Washington, is an excellent choice as new chancellor of UC Irvine. She will have a hard act to follow in succeeding Jack W. Peltason, who was named president of the University of California system last October. He provided fine leadership for UC Irvine as it grew in numbers and stature as a research institution, especially in the areas of biology and neurology.
October 23, 2003 | Stuart Silverstein and Rebecca Trounson, Times Staff Writers
UCLA rejected more than 3,000 students with extremely high scores on the SAT entrance exam over the past two years and accepted more than 900 students with results that were far below the campus average. The newly released figures from UCLA mirror a similar disclosure earlier this month regarding admissions at UC Berkeley. The two campuses are the most selective of the eight undergraduate institutions in the University of California system.
April 28, 1986 | Associated Press
Higher education reaped a record $6.32 billion harvest of gifts from corporations, alumni and other private sources in 1984-85, up 13% from the previous year, according to a survey released today. About $1.1 billion of that estimated total went to a dozen elite private and public universities. The University of California system received $178.4 million in donations. Harvard University led private institutions with $145.
October 9, 1986
The Nov. 4 vote on Proposition 56 will decide the future of two UCLA construction projects. If approved by a simple majority of voters, the bond measure will provide $233 million for capital projects in 1986-87, including $86.4 million for the University of California system. At UCLA, the funds are needed to construct a $6.2-million addition to the School of Law and for design of a $1.35-million chemistry and life sciences project.
January 27, 1991
I am responding to the Jan. 23 coverage of the pro- and anti-war rallies: My hard-earned tax dollars help support the University of California system. The students attending UCI are there for one purpose only: education, which I help provide. How dare they skip classes, indiscriminately wasting my money! And as for Prof. Rowe, who canceled his class to attend the rally--fire him! Let him protest on his own time. KASSY HEPPS, Santa Ana
September 8, 1986
Eight finalists have been selected for the 31st annual Samuel Goldwyn Writing Awards, which recognize work done by graduate and undergraduate students in the University of California system. The finalists are Marian Treger, Sally Groo, Stephen Erickson, Jennifer Collopy, Allison Anders, Mike Werb and Cynthia Williams of UCLA, and Charlie Russell of UC San Diego. They are competing for three awards of $5000, $2500 and $1000 respectively.
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