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They make quite a pair on the Nevada football team--the Kid and the Slightly Older Kid. Trevor Insley and Geoff Noisy, former standout Orange County prep athletes, have flourished with the Wolf Pack. They have combined for 2,009 yards, or 51.4% of the team's receiving yardage, and 14 touchdowns.
Not much in the men's shoe department at Nordstrom interests Dan Ledieff. The former La Habra and Cal State Long Beach football standout is a rat all right, but he's of the gym variety, not the mall type. Ledieff has little use for anything in a wingtip with high polish. Cleats with caked mud are more his style. There's a time and place for everything, and Ledieff is spending many of this summer's waking hours at the gym lifting weights and on the track running laps and stadium stairs.
February 1, 1998 | ERIC SONDHEIMER
Every spring since he was 5, former Notre Dame High first baseman Glen Carson played baseball until he encountered an opponent that he "would not wish upon my worst enemy." During his senior year at Nevada, Carson was baffled at the sudden deterioration of his body. He suffered weight loss, diarrhea and severe stomach pain. A disease with no known cure--Crohn's disease--was attacking his intestines.
April 29, 1994
Aaron France of Cypress and Wade Jackson of Saddleback have signed to attend four-year colleges. France, a sophomore right-handed pitcher, signed with Miami. France, from Loara High School, is 9-3 with 99 strikeouts in 96 innings this season. Jackson, a sophomore third baseman, signed with Nevada. Jackson, from El Toro High School, is hitting .374 for Saddleback. Jackson had home runs in three consecutive games last season and has four home runs this season.
December 9, 2005 | Diane Pucin, Times Staff Writer
Could undefeated Nevada be the best basketball team in the West right now? The Wolf Pack, ranked 17th in the country, gets to showcase its talent -- Nick Fazekas plays a leading role in that department -- against No. 16 UCLA Saturday at Anaheim in the Wooden Classic, and compare itself to 13th-ranked Washington, which plays New Mexico in the first game.
March 20, 2004 | Robyn Norwood, Times Staff Writer
There are four letters in NCAA, but there's a three-letter acronym that lurks in the background throughout the NCAA tournament. It's NBA. Nevada's Kirk Snyder is a junior from Upland High who is not nearly as well known as some of his Southern California high school classmates -- Cedric Bozeman, for one. But he appears to have an NBA game, even if he does not yet have the chain. Snyder touched the silver Michael Jordan "flying man" icon that hung against his chest Friday.
June 23, 2003 | Chuck Neubauer and Richard T. Cooper, Times Staff Writers
It was the kind of legislation that slips under the radar here. The name alone made the eyes glaze over: "The Clark County Conservation of Public Land and Natural Resources Act of 2002." In a welter of technical jargon, it dealt with boundary shifts, land trades and other arcane matters -- all in Nevada. As he introduced it, Nevada's senior U.S.
April 18, 1989 | JOAN LIBMAN
Dr. Jay Goldstein of Anaheim Hills has spent the last five years researching and treating patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, a debilitating disease characterized by incapacitating exhaustion and a range of other perplexing symptoms. Explaining his theory of an unknown retrovirus invading the immune system, inducing cells to produce a chemical transmitter affecting the entire body, Goldstein pauses. "You know," the family practitioner says, "some very respected physicians will tell you I am crazy."
January 18, 2010 | Roy Wallack, Gear
"Oh, you mean the guy with the 70-year-old head and the 20-year-old body-builder body? That picture has got to be Photoshopped." Dr. Jeffry Life smiles when I tell him about the general reaction I get about the famous picture of him with his shirt off, the shot that turned a mild-mannered doctor in his mid-60s into a poster boy for super-fit aging and controversial hormone replacement Appearing in medical-clinic ads in airline magazines and...
August 12, 1990 | MICHAEL HARRIS
Put a cowboy hat on a microphone and you have Gerald Haslam, whose short stories have recorded the landscapes, the working-class customs and, above all, the voices of the Bakersfield area for two decades now. Okies, Indians, blacks and Latinos; ranchers, roughnecks and a few who got education but could never get the dust and oil and tule fog out of their blood--Haslam lets them all sound off. "That Constant Coyote" consists of six new stories and 19 that Haslam published as long ago as 1972.
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