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Consider this time-honored taunt: The USC marching band strikes up "Tribute to Troy," arousing fans to keep tempo by flashing their fingers in a victory sign. In the opposing bleachers, UCLA students begin to mock them by waving luxury-car keys. Or dollar bills. Or credit cards. "They're trying to say we're all spoiled rich kids," said Summer Neilson, one of USC's blond, blue-eyed song leaders. "You know, USC, University of Spoiled Children. And they're all poor Bruins. It's so lame." Lame?
April 20, 2008 | Kurt Streeter
It could have been a USC football game, the narrow sidelines at the Coliseum. "Hey man, you're doing great, keep it going," said Pete Carroll, swooping in for a back slap as he approached Marlo Jones. Jones could have been a quarterback. "Coach, thanks," he said. "It's been tough lately . . . we're holding on." But this was no game, this was not the Coliseum, and Jones was not a quarterback. This was a recent night on a sidewalk inside South L.A.'
August 10, 1989 | BRUCE KEPPEL
The University of Southern California is wiring itself for the 21st Century as a crew from American Telephone & Telegraph installs a new telecommunications nerve center. The so-called Integrated Services Digital Network, or ISDN, will enable faculty and researchers to communicate with colleagues around the world over a system that carries voice, pictures and computer data simultaneously over the same telephone line. "USC is part of a worldwide research community," said spokesman Hugh Kelley.
April 3, 1996
Project Medico, a program designed to increase the number of Latinos in the health-care field, was launched last weekend and will be held for the next two Saturdays at the University of Southern California. About 100 juniors from Bell, Huntington Park, Garfield and Roosevelt high schools are participating in the workshops, which include intensive training for taking the Scholastic Assessment Tests and panel discussions with Latino medical professionals.
May 14, 1997
More than 100 janitors working at the University of Southern California are planning to march from the campus to the nearby Coliseum today to demand the right to join a union. Almost 70% of the 200 workers who clean the university and the USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center voted in an unofficial ballot to join the Service Employees International Local 1877 last month, according to union organizers.
September 28, 1995
The University of Southern California plans to transform its ailing Philip K. Wrigley Marine Science Center on Santa Catalina Island into the USC Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies. The $60-million renovation will mean that the center, which so far has studied marine biology, especially sharks, around the island, will expand to study a broad range of environmental issues across the island's terrain.
May 21, 1991 | From Staff and Wire Reports
Barbara Hedges, senior associate athletic director at USC, has been named the University of Washington's athletic director. Hedges, who has been at USC since 1973, will be the first woman to head Washington's athletic program and only the second woman named to such a position at an NCAA Division I-A school. The first woman named to head an athletic program in Division I-A was Maryalyce Hill at San Diego State in 1983. "I'm absolutely delighted and very excited," Hedges said.
November 27, 1988 | From Times Wires Services
Thousands of warning whistles have been distributed to students on the University of Southern California campus in the wake of a series of sexual attacks. Campus security has also has posted 24-hour guards at parking structures, and rape awareness seminars have been held on campus. There have been four rapes on campus this year, compared to one in 1987, said Sgt. John Lewis of campus security. The most recent ones occurred the evening of Oct. 29 and in the late afternoon Nov. 5.
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