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March 12, 1989
"Information Overload" is misnamed. Information implies some importance or worthwhileness. In fact, lots of our daily material is very transitory--even misleading or untrue. CORBET HANCHETT San Francisco
February 3, 2014 | By Jessica Gelt
Director Woody Allen issued a statement Sunday disputing Dylan Farrow's allegations of child molestation. His response came a day after the New York Times published an online open letter by Farrow, renewing allegations that the Oscar-winning director had molested her when she was 7, five years after she was adopted by Allen and actress Mia Farrow. Dylan Farrow claims the incident happened at the family's Connecticut home in 1992, toward the end of Allen's tumultuous 12-year relationship with Mia Farrow.
April 24, 1988
I started John McCafferty's article (April 10) with empathy and delight that someone was going to poke some fun at the "small-time bureaucrats." I finished the article in anger and dismay. He has done more to damage the public perception of architects and their services than any other individual in recent memory. His statement that Gary would provide the same services as an architect for only $1,300 is untrue. His inference that the only difference between a designer and an architect was an "AIA" label is untrue.
November 25, 2013 | By Robert Faturechi
For the last 18 months, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has been investigating allegations that two deputies were involved in a murder-for-hire plot on behalf of a Mexican cartel. A sheriff's spokesman said the probe is wrapping up, and investigators believe the allegations are untrue. "We investigated it and found out it was completely unfounded," spokesman Steve Whitmore said. "People make allegations all the time that are just completely ridiculous. " A sheriff's lieutenant, however, contends that the allegations are being covered up by the department and has gone to the FBI to get the matter investigated thoroughly, her attorney said.
September 10, 1989
How insulting. Calendar lets Jay McKee use its letters page (Aug. 27) to teach that the Bible is ambiguous and that Jim Jones and Hitler were Christians--all untrue. Could Calendar please exercise a little editorial judgment and stick to the performing arts? HILARY CLAY HICKS Pasadena
May 30, 1987
Jim Murray's characterization of Al Unser Sr. as a sad old loser who got lucky does a disservice to a great driver. Murray says Al didn't have a ride because he was overlooked. Romantic but untrue. It was because he was unable to make a matchup with the type of car he wanted. Murray says Al had to settle for a down-at-the-heels year-old car. Romantic, but untrue. It's widely known that the new radial tires had compatibility problems with the '87 Marches, and thus more than half the March teams switched back to the '86 models for reasons of superior handling.
June 19, 2005
Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's response to a senator's question regarding the disappointing economic recovery for the American worker was highly insensitive to workers' plight ("Fed Chief Warns on Mortgages," June 10). He said our standard of living was unmatched (untrue) and that workers should be content because their cars are technologically superior to those available 50 years ago. Good thing too. Many workers, unable to pay rent in the future, will be living in those cars.
October 28, 2008 | Mike Penner
Brett Favre's image has taken enough of a hit lately that his wife has come to his defense in her family blog. "This latest round of media scrutiny has been harder, more disheartening and seemingly unending," Deanna Favre wrote. "Brett does not, in any way, hold a vendetta against his former team. But that has not stopped some from scrutinizing his every move and blaming him for so many things that simply are not true. "Some incidents, like the locker room pranks appear funny [but they are still untrue]
If it please the court, let us stipulate to a few things upfront: First, Zsa Zsa Gabor does n ot look so fat that it would take three or four strong men to lift her onto a horse. And Elke Sommer does not resemble a bald-headed, Hollywood has-been who hangs out in seedy bars and has to sell hand-knitted pullover sweaters to eke out a living.
January 25, 1987
Yep, it's a new year now. And let's hear it for all those good cop, doctor and lawyer shows we are seeing, and the occasional Movie of the Week on any channel pandering the same tiresome racial stereotypes. The people who are the unethical shysters and cowardly nerds are the Jews; the blacks are portrayed as unappealing, helpless victims of circumstance to be rescued; Latinos are forever the unsavory, misapprehending victims of their own anger and frustration; and it is forever the beautiful Aryans clinking cocktail glasses and hopping into the sack with one another--male or female--whenever they are not courageously saving everyone else.
August 21, 2013 | By Patrick J. McDonnell and Shashank Bengali
BEIRUT - In what the opposition called the worst atrocity of Syria's civil war, antigovernment activists accused the government of killing hundreds of civilians, including many women and children, in a poison-gas attack targeting pro-rebel Damascus suburbs. The Syrian government called reports of a massacre untrue, but the scale of the alleged carnage and the graphic videos of the dead and injured that surfaced Wednesday left many officials across the globe demanding action. If verified, such a massive gas attack could alter the international response to the war that has raged since March 2011.
August 1, 2013 | By Tiffany Hsu
J.C. Penney Co. said a New York Post article on Wednesday reporting that commercial lender CIT Group Inc. had halted funds to some of its suppliers is untrue. In a statement Thursday, J.C. Penney said that CIT “continues to factor and support deliveries” from the department store chain's vendors. The Plano, Texas, retailer said it heard as much directly from CIT. J.C. Penney, which has been fighting to recover from a failed turnaround initiative, also said it “continues to have ample liquidity to manage its business.” The New York Post story, which cited anonymous sources , said CIT “abruptly stopped financing deliveries from smaller manufacturers to Penney stores.” J.C. Penney stock plunged 10% Wednesday to its lowest close since April, when its embattled chief executive, Ron Johnson, relinquished his post.
August 19, 2012 | By Jon T. Coleman
In the summer of 1823, according to newspaper accounts, a female grizzly bear sprang from the bushes along a tributary of the Yellowstone River and tore into a trapper and fur trader named Hugh Glass. She slashed his face, munched his scalp and removed a fist-sized hunk from his posterior. Members of Glass' expedition ran to his aid and killed the animal, but his prognosis looked grim. Two men were posted to stay behind and bury him when he succumbed to the inevitable. After six days, the duo abandoned him, still comatose and gurgling.
March 18, 2012 | By Louis Sahagun, Los Angeles Times
A candidate in the race to become Los Angeles County's top prosecutor has filed a lawsuit to prevent L.A. City Atty. Carmen Trutanich from calling himself "chief prosecutor" or "chief criminal prosecutor" on the June ballot. In the suit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, Alan Jay Jackson accused Trutanich of using the "factually untrue, confusing and misleading" descriptions as part of an effort to fool voters into believing he has authority "beyond the bounds" of Los Angeles' city limits.
January 1, 2012 | By Anthony York, David Zahniser and Jessica Garrison, Los Angeles Times
Days after the California Supreme Court moved to shut down about 400 municipal redevelopment agencies, local officials are scrambling to convince the same Legislature that abolished the agencies to resurrect some of their spending powers. Some local officials predict that if the Legislature doesn't act within the next month, there will be a flurry of lawsuits, as well as layoffs and further economic stagnation. The court's decision could affect everything from police services in Oakland to a planned walkway to the ocean in Santa Monica.
March 10, 2011 | By Alana Semuels, Los Angeles Times
Contrary to claims by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the Lone Star State isn't stealing California's jobs, workers or prosperity, according to a UCLA study. The study, part of UCLA's quarterly forecast Wednesday, tries to put the kibosh on a rivalry between the states. Perry, for instance, has boasted about "hunting trips" to California to recruit companies from the state. Texas is one of many Western states trying to capitalize on the perception that California is a difficult place for business.
An NBC attorney attempted Friday to persuade federal appeals court judges in Pasadena to strike down the largest libel verdict against an American news organization--a $5.3-million judgment that the network defamed singer Wayne Newton in newscasts that linked him to organized crime figures. NBC lawyer Floyd Abrams said the stories were the product of aggressive reporting, not ill will, and should be protected by the First Amendment. But Newton's lawyer, Morton R.
August 21, 2005 | Roy Rivenburg and Donna Horowitz, Special to The Times
After flat-lining twice on the operating table, Pastor Joe Sabolick figured the worst chapter of his life was over. But when he returned to his office at Calvary Chapel of Laguna Beach a few weeks later, the locks had been changed -- and his handpicked church board, including his older brother, had fired him amid allegations that he embezzled money and was "fixated" on the wife and daughter of an assistant pastor.
December 24, 2010 | Wire reports
Washington Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan took his turn at the microphone Friday, challenging comments made by quarterback Donovan McNabb's agent. Not that Shanahan provided clarity. If anything, the situation became more confusing. Shanahan said Fletcher Smith's comments were "disturbing," so he spoke "face-to-face, man-to-man" with McNabb on Thursday night at Redskins Park in Ashburn, Va. He said the 12-year veteran told him that the claims made by his agent were untrue.
December 7, 2009 | By Gary Klein
Charlie Weis is no longer Notre Dame's coach, but that doesn't mean he's out of Pete Carroll's hair. Weis said Sunday that comments he made about Carroll in an interview published by a website were taken "totally out of context." In a question-and-answer session posted Saturday by senior editor Tim Prister, Weis was asked: "Is it frustrating to you Pete Carroll, for example, portrayed in one way . . ." Weis was quoted as responding: "Let me ask you this question: You guys know about things that go on in different places.
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