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February 24, 1991 | PATRICK GOLDSTEIN, Patrick Goldstein is a frequent contributor to Calendar.
On the shade inside his bathroom door, Mickey Rourke has scribbled his warrior credo. "I must be mentally and physically prepared so defeat does not exist in my mind and body. Shadow box in a mirror 30 minutes a day. Movement is concentrated. Positive attitude to survive and be as good as I can possibly be. No excuses for laziness. And no second chance again."
August 16, 1987 | PAT H. BROESKE
The sense of loss was echoed across the country. The headline in the San Antonio Light ran above the masthead, in red type--complete with exclamation point. It read: THE KING IS DEAD! Some banners had a certain, well, ring. Like the one in the Washington Post's Style section: ALL SHOOK UP ON THE DAY THE '50s DIED. Time magazine went with LAST STOP ON THE MYSTERY TRAIN. The eclectic Village Voice had its readers reaching for the dictionary with THE WORLD'S MOST BELOVED SOLIPSIST IS DEAD.
Mario Puzo, weakened by diabetes and heart disease, had installed an elevator in his New York home so he wouldn't have to tackle the stairs when going between his bedroom and kitchen. But despite his difficulties, he continued to work on another Mafia novel that will survive his recent death at age 78 from heart failure.
August 19, 2007 | Rachel Abramowitz, Times Staff Writer
I'm searching for body fat in Hollywood. It's the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, and judging by the standards of the youth-obsessed network's magenta carpet, blubber, let alone curves, or even softness is out of fashion. Girls -- and I mean girls, given their lack of womanly heft, glide by. Jessica Biel, in a loose black mini-dress. Jessica Alba, with sylph-like arms rising above her red puffy mini-dress.
November 2, 2005 | Robin Abcarian, Times Staff Writer
BACKSTAGE at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre, the comedian Sarah Silverman is kneeling on the floor of her boyfriend's crowded office, looking rapturously at his image on a flat screen monitor. She is wearing low-slung jeans, a worn navy crewneck sweater over a baseball T-shirt and sneakers. Her silky black hair is pulled into a ponytail. She is very pretty, almost angelic, looking more like a fresh scrubbed college kid than the 34-year-old show biz vet that she is.
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