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Utilities New Jersey

September 8, 1988
Philadelphia Electric Co. has decided not to contest a record $1.25-million fine levied because control room operators slept on duty at Pennsylvania's Peach Bottom nuclear plant, company officials said. The utility is expected to formally announce later this week or Monday that it intends to pay its share of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission fine, said two officials speaking on condition of anonymity.
November 29, 1991 | TOM PETRUNO
In a sign of investors' renewed hunger for safety and yield, electric utility stocks have roared to new highs this week. The Dow Jones average of 15 utility stocks, mostly electric companies, rose 0.5% on Monday, 1.5% on Tuesday and 1.2% on Wednesday, pushing the index up 6.89 points for the week so far, to 219.08 on Wednesday. That is just below its 1991 high of 220.89. In contrast, the Dow industrial average slipped from 2,902.73 last Friday to 2,900.04 as of Wednesday and is off 5.
February 10, 1992 | ANNE MICHAUD
When Barbara and Jim Prouty got married, the Irvine engineering company they both worked for asked that one of them quit. The choice was up to them. They based their decision on practicality: As a project manager, Jim earned more than Barbara did as his administrative assistant. She left; he stayed. But she wasn't happy about it: "I thought I was a good worker, making good money, and I had three children (from a previous marriage) I was responsible for. I was very independent.
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