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The decade of the tech stock? Now there's an understatement. The hottest stocks of the 1990s are virtually an all-tech affair, as a list of the top performers compiled for The Times by Ned Davis Research shows. Just look at Dell Computer Corp.'s decade-leading 91,863% rise, as measured from its closing stock price on the last trading day of 1989 through Thursday. That means a $5,000 investment in the personal computer maker at the start of the '90s would be worth more than $4.5 million today.
May 2, 2000 | Bloomberg News; Reuters
Everyone's glass appears to be half full on this one. Shares of Red Hat Inc. (ticker symbol: RHAT), VA Linux Systems Inc. (LNUX) and Corel Corp. (CORL) gained Monday on expectations that the software makers' sales could increase if rival Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is split into two companies. Microsoft rallied too, as some analysts said a breakup of the world's largest software maker would be good for investors, giving them stakes in two formidable companies. VA Linux rocketed $18.
November 7, 2000 | Reuters
VA Linux Systems Inc., a developer of software and products for the Linux computer operating system, said its fiscal first-quarter results would fall short of expectations because of disappointing sales to Internet start-up companies. The gloomy forecast sent VA Linux shares tumbling 42%. Fremont, Calif.
August 15, 2000 | From Bloomberg News
IBM Corp. said Monday that it will begin selling computers bundled with software from Red Hat Inc., and joined with Sun Microsystems and other computer makers to back a foundation for creating programs for the Linux operating system. IBM said it will offer packages that include Red Hat software based on the open Linux operating system with IBM's database, e-mail and group collaboration software.
Linuxcare Inc., expected to be the next monster company based on the Linux operating system, filed for its initial public stock offering Thursday, with hopes of raising $92 million on the heels of the $32.5 million it raised in its second round of private financing last month. The move came despite skittishness among investors toward companies based on the "open source" software program, which is available free and supported by thousands of volunteer programmers.
February 3, 2000 | From Bloomberg News
Linux-related stocks jumped Wednesday after Linus Torvalds, creator of the much-hyped computer operating software that competes with Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, said a new version will be released at midyear. The new software, known as version 2.4, must be completed and checked for problems, Torvalds said at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo in New York. An unofficial version will be released for testing in a couple of months, he said.
April 21, 2004 | From Associated Press
A lawyer defending former investment banker Frank Quattrone at his retrial complained Tuesday that the judge's body language conveyed to jurors that he was hostile to the defense. U.S. District Judge Richard Owen said he was puzzled by the complaint. He also rejected a defense claim that he had unfairly interrupted questioning of witnesses, saying he was just trying to move the trial along. The sparring between Owen and defense lawyer John W.
May 24, 2000
U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson holds a hearing today to determine when to impose "remedies" aimed at preventing Microsoft from illegally using its monopoly power to eliminate software rivals. Swift, well-tailored remedies are essential because Microsoft founder Bill Gates' new initiative, Next Generation Windows Services, could become a gorilla monopoly in consumer electronics that would make previous Microsoft monopolies pale by comparison.
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