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Vacuum Cleaners

Chimney sweeps are a big draw. People are charmed by the man on the roof poking things down a chimney in a rather macho ritual. Those who perform the craft enjoy folk hero status, like blacksmiths and locomotive engineers. That is, some of them do. Lee Cannaday doesn't encourage that sort of spotlighting. Asked if he entered the trade for its romance, he makes a derisive nasal sound followed by a long pause. Finally, he drawls: "I don't like the work, personally. It's too dirty."
April 25, 1990 | Jack Smith
The vacuum cleaner has never been my friend. I thought I was through with it. But now it has got me in a lot of trouble I never anticipated. Jennifer Morrison Taw, twentysomething, is not the first to take offense at these lines I wrote about my distaste for that infernal appliance: "It is not so much the machine's awkwardness that annoys me as its sound. Awkward it is. The snout has a tendency to go its own way, and one has to manhandle it, like an obstinate dog on a leash.
February 15, 1990 | Reuters
A robot vacuum cleaner that can tidy up on its own and maneuver around tables and chairs is expected to go on sale within the next three months. Cybervac, which looks like a square version of the R2D2 robot in the "Star Wars" movies, with a nozzle attached, took five years and $1.7 million to develop. "Cybervac simply has an on-off switch. You take it out of the crate, turn it on.
March 21, 1988 | LIDIA WASOWICZ
Imagine flea-sized machines that tell a mechanic what's wrong with a car or advise when a tune-up is needed. Or tiny, self-propelled sweepers that scurry into hard-to-reach corners, suck up dirt and dust and return to the vacuum cleaner that released them. Or a robot the size of a gnat that navigates through the body's vascular system to correct a heart defect.
January 5, 1988 | BOB POOL, Times Staff Writer
The head of a Studio City beautification campaign Monday urged a phantom artist to clean his vacuum cleaner sculpture off the community's most prominent greenbelt. The admonition came as community leaders announced they have won the City of Los Angeles' approval of their greenbelt decoration plan and have raised enough money to start the project.
June 25, 1987 | Associated Press
About 33,000 Sears canister vacuum cleaners are being recalled because of a potential wiring problem, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Wednesday. The recall involves Sears Kenmore vacuum cleaners sold between Nov. 1, 1986, and May 1 of this year, the agency said. The model numbers are 116.2643581, 116.2643583 and 116.2645082. The company is recalling the machines to check the wiring.
March 5, 1987 | Associated Press
A safety cover for motors of various models of Sears Kenmore vacuum cleaners is being offered by Whirlpool Corp., maker of the machines, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Wednesday. The safety program follows reports of 19 people suffering finger injuries. The hazard occurs if fingers are placed in an opening at the top of the motor, after the canister has been opened and the motor filter removed, while the motor is running, officials said.
The Christmas inevitably comes when you want to give your child a present that says, "This is who I am" as well as "You are loved--be merry." A Tonka truck is nice, but it won't serve as a revelation. For some people who suspect that language saved them, the only present that will do is My Book House, a set of yellowing children's books, mass-produced decades ago and inevitably defaced by the fortunate child who had it first.
July 26, 1985 | GLENN F. BUNTING, Times Staff Writer
The General Services Administration refused to allow a Navy commander at Miramar Naval Air Station to purchase a $79 vacuum cleaner last year, and instead instructed him to order a $348 model from a government supply catalogue, according to internal memos provided to The Times. Cmdr. Jerry L.
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