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Valley Village

July 12, 2009 | Maeve Reston
Los Angeles voters showed a profound disinterest in the civic election in March when just 18% turned out, but there was a virtual stampede of candidates this week to run for the San Fernando Valley seat of former City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel, who won the race for city controller. The slate of 14 candidates for the Sept.
April 10, 2009
Re "Judged by her face, longing to break free," April 5, and "Step by step, a life is changed," April 6 I began reading the story about Ana Rodarte, who suffers disfigurement from neurofibromatosis, out of curiosity; I plunged into its conclusion the next day because I thought it was one of the best-written articles I've seen in years. The Times' lengthy involvement in this young woman's life; the writer's use of the English language and dispassionate, yet caring, observations -- all amounted to an award-worthy piece, at least in my humble opinion.
March 9, 2009 | Paloma Esquivel
A 22-year-old woman whose body was found inside the trunk of her car after a tip was sent to a local TV station, had been missing for more than a week, police said Sunday. Denise Figueroa's mother reported her missing Feb. 28 after the woman left her mother's North Hills home and did not return, said Los Angeles Police Sgt. Dave Cueto. On Saturday, someone sent a fax to KTLA-TV Channel 5 pointing investigators to Figueroa's car in Valley Village. Police found her body in the trunk of the car, which was parked on the 11700 block of Hortense Street, Cueto said.
September 13, 2008
I have become impressed with both Andre Ethier's character as a teammate and his potential for learning the lessons of others. Asked about the reason for his recent success at the plate, Ethier could say what veteran leader Jeff Kent could not after his own hot streak: "Two words, Manny Ramirez." As a future Hall of Famer, Jeff is a quick study, but apparently not in terms of modesty or giving credit to teammates, even other future Hall of Famers. In defense of Kent, though, he did have to play all those years with Barry Bonds; not much to learn there.
July 10, 2008
Re "I tried, but failed, to bring ethics to City Hall," July 6 I commend Bill Boyarsky's attempt "to fight City Hall" when he joined the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission. You would think that this appointment would enable him to address issues and make badly needed decisions regarding the political propaganda and scandals that affect the citizens of Los Angeles. But then, one forgets that our leaders -- from Mayor Antonio "Photo Op" Villaraigosa to the highest paid council people in the country -- have more clout than any part-time member of a commission.
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