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Valuable Service

July 26, 1995 | DAVID R. BAKER
Hoping to improve the cluttered appearance of an automobile swap meet in Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks planners will recommend several changes to the state in the way the operation runs. Planners will suggest that the state--which is now negotiating an extension of the swap meet's contract--limit the number of recreational vehicles that can be displayed in the lot.
December 4, 1986
It appears that every time the Glendale City Council meets, it violates the rights of the citizens. This time I refer to your article, "Vendor Says He'll Stand--and Fight" (Nov. 27). Three cheers for Pablo Torres! He is just a hard-working man who wants to earn an honest living. I can't understand why Glendale officials are fining him and threatening him with imprisonment. I have worked in the Glendale Federal Building for 2 1/2 years and always see Pablo's catering truck nearby.
October 20, 1991
This letter concerns your article "Radio Renegades" (Oct. 2). The glamorization of the illegal and irresponsible activities of a tiny minority of radio operators is an insult to the legitimate participants in the Amateur Radio Service. The legitimate hams provide a unique and valuable service to our community and nation by maintaining, at their own expense, a sophisticated communications system that is often the only reliable means of communication when disaster strikes. The illegal activities of the "renegades" are not harmless pranks.
July 27, 1999 | NANCY FORREST
The Community Literacy Project brings reading to low-income families in Oxnard by allowing young children and their parents to check out books from a vehicle devoted to the purpose. But now the bookmobile project, sponsored by the Oxnard Elementary School District, has hit a bump in the road after losing its funding. Donations are needed to revive the popular program, said its coordinator, Cherie Moraga. "The funding for the project ended June 30," said Moraga, a former kindergarten teacher.
September 1, 1985
Katherine Blair and The Times have performed a very valuable service to the public and the licensed architects in California by publishing "Malpractice Suits Aim at Architects" (Aug. 25). However, there is one important aspect of the article that is incorrect and could do damage to the architectural profession. That is the use of the word supervision; that word was stricken from the AIA standard form of agreements and the word observation was substituted. It may sound trivial and nit-picking, but it definitely is not. The courts have interpreted supervision as being the continuous on-site inspection to check the quality and quantity of the work.
August 11, 1998 | PAMELA J. JOHNSON
More than a quarter of a million dollars for Ventura County educational programs is included in the state budget approved Monday by the state Senate, according to Sen. Jack O'Connell (D-San Luis Obispo). The budget was expected to be approved by the Assembly late Monday before being presented to Gov. Pete Wilson for consideration. In the plan, Ventura Unified School District would receive $200,000 toward renovation of the Buena High School stadium. The money would help the district with its $2.
February 8, 2011 | David Lazarus
John Robert Aguirre stood forlornly at RPM Lenders on the edge of South-Central Los Angeles, slapping twenties onto the yellow countertop. He was a week late with his monthly payment, and the anxiety showed on his face. His loan has an annual interest rate of more than 100%. He'd put up his truck as collateral. A missed payment could result in the loss of his vehicle. "I'm a self-employed electrician," Aguirre, 41, told me as he finished counting out the bills. "If I don't have my truck, I can't work.
June 22, 1989 | KIM MURPHY, Times Staff Writer
Two former Mafia brothers who went undercover for the government and collected evidence against the Los Angeles crime family had their jail sentences suspended Wednesday for work that authorities said dealt a "knockout punch" to the mob in Southern California. Craig Anthony Fiato, 45, and Lawrence Fiato, 34, longtime organized crime associates who were among the first government informants to be considered for induction into the Mafia, were sentenced to five years' probation and fines of $1,000 each for the illegal loan-sharking activities that first led them into the underworld.
May 19, 2003 | Veronique deTurenne, Special to The Times
To celebrate her 21st birthday, Jessica Eugenio gathered some girlfriends and hit this city's thriving club scene. To make sure the group suffered nothing worse than a hangover, Bill's Bus ferried Jessica and company -- and about a dozen other riders -- to and from their revelries. "You get where you're going and you get there safe," said Lorian Ash, 21, a student at Santa Barbara City College. "Us girls? We're Bill's groupies. It's a great ride, cheaper than cab fare."
June 2, 1994 | From Reuters
Consumers are paying top dollar to banks through automatic teller machines, even though banks are saving money in labor costs and paperwork by replacing human tellers with machines, a consumer group said Wednesday. With the start of the summer travel season, consumers should take extra steps to ensure they are not overcharged for ATM use, the Consumer Federation of America said. Bankers, for their part, see no need to apologize, saying ATMs deliver a valuable service.
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