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Van Halen

You'd have to go back to the days of the Maharishi to find a bunch of rockers more blissed out than Van Halen was during its four-man lovefest Tuesday night at the Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa. There was Sammy Hagar, calling Eddie Van Halen "my best friend in the world." There was Eddie, saying the feeling was mutual. And there were the four of them, hugging and laughing and mussing each other's hair about as often as NBA players trade high-fives.
No matter how strenuously the band has tried to put a positive spin on the situation, it's obvious that Van Halen, version 3.0, hasn't exactly set the world on fire. "Van Halen 3," the quartet's first album with lead singer Gary Cherone, has fallen out of the Top 200 sales chart after just three months, which makes it a longshot to reach the band's customary multi-platinum status in this country.
February 11, 1995 | DENNIS HUNT
Van Halen's "Balance" didn't tumble down the pop album chart like some skeptics predicted after its debut last week at No. 1. It only slipped a notch, to No. 2. But, for veteran traditional rockers, even a two-week run at the top of a chart dominated by youngsters like Green Day and Pearl Jam is impressive. Speaking of hot alternative rockers, Hootie & the Blowfish may blow by the competition and land in the Top 5 with "Cracked Rear View" (No. 11).
February 4, 1995 | DENNIS HUNT
Is Van Halen, by debuting at No. 1 on the pop album chart with "Balance," launching a commercial resurgence for traditional hard rock, which has been in a long sales slump? Or is this just another case of many hard-core fans buying the album as soon as it hits the stores? We'll know in about a month if "Balance" really has legs. Too Short's latest package of lewd rap tales, "Cocktails," entered at No. 6 and should be one of the top-selling rap albums of the next two months.
June 17, 1988 | DENNIS HUNT, Arts and entertainment reports from The Times, national and international news services and the nation's press
Even though the pop market is fully in the throes of metalmania, who figured Van Halen would get to the top of the Billboard magazine pop chart this fast? It took just two weeks for the band's "OU812" to power its way to No. 1. The Top 10 has two other newcomers--Sade's "Stronger Than Pride" (No. 8) and Run- D.M.C.'s "Tougher than Leather" (No. 10). Two new R & B acts have been charging up the pop charts--Al B. Sure with "In Effect Mode" (No. 28) and D.J.
November 16, 1988 | THOMAS K. ARNOLD
Van Halen's decision three years ago to dump lead singer David Lee Roth in favor of Sammy Hagar was sort of like tapping Mario Andretti to replace the Little Old Lady from Pasadena. No more false starts; no more detours. Ever since, high-velocity rock 'n' roll has been where it's at for Van Halen. Their Saturday night concert at the San Diego Sports Arena will undoubtedly find thousands of local headbangers thinking to themselves something on the order of, "Better late than never."
October 18, 1993
Ed Leffler, 57, manager and agent since 1985 for the rock group Van Halen. Publicist Maureen O'Connor said Leffler also managed the singing sister and brother act Karen and Richard Carpenter and earlier had worked with the Beatles. In Los Angeles on Saturday of throat and lung cancer.
February 23, 2007 | Geoff Boucher, Times Staff Writer
For Van Halen, the stars seemed aligned for a triumphant 2007. Next month, the group will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and the plan was to follow that with a summer reunion tour that would feature David Lee Roth back at the mike for the first time since the Reagan years. But, once again, the backstage soap opera of Van Halen is the story of the day.
In a radio interview just before Van Halen's concert on Friday at the San Diego Sports Arena, singer-guitarist Sammy Hagar made two promises: that, once on stage, he wouldn't allude to the strife in Los Angeles and that the show would be a memorable one. As it happened, Hagar held his tongue only until the conclusion of the second song--the headbanger, "Judgement Day." "We're glad to be here in San Diego--where it's safe!" Hagar shouted to a deafening ovation.
June 23, 1991 | JEAN ROSENBLUTH
The most subtle thing about the ninth album by America's reigning kings of hard rock might be the acronym of its title, which is apparently meant as an exhortation rather than an expletive. There's nothing so understated in the music itself, an often cacophonous, uncompromising return to the pile-driving form that marked Van Halen's early success. There's not a ballad in the bunch, and the group has abandoned its short-lived pretension of including a lyric sheet with the album.
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