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Van Nuys High School

September 9, 1991
I was somewhat amazed on the debate about possibly renaming Van Nuys Junior High School because "the logic of a school being named after a community is a thing of the past. " Well, Van Nuys is named after a person and, other than the city of Burbank, has been one of the few communities in the L. A. area so named, for quite a long time. Mr. Van Nuys was one of the first two modern developers in the San Fernando Valley. Therefore, Van Nuys already honors a locally important historical person.
July 2, 1995
This letter is in response to the story (June 9) regarding Dr. Robert Scharf's decision to terminate the medical magnet at Van Nuys High School. First of all, by an overwhelming majority the faculty voted to keep the school on a traditional calendar. The faculty, as well as the school's Shared Decision Making Council and various student body groups, has repeatedly fought the idea of a year-round/multi-track program since the idea was first presented as the prime option for alleviating the school's already overcrowded conditions.
The city of Shenyang, China, will adopt Van Nuys High School today at a ceremony to be held at the Los Angeles Unified School District headquarters. A delegation of Chinese educators will make the ceremonial pact with the San Fernando Valley high school in celebration of Asian / Pacific American Heritage Month. Representatives from the school district will join the Chinese delegation at the 8:30 a.m. ceremony. The ceremony will be held at the Board of Education meeting room at 450 N. Grand Ave.
May 31, 1993
A fire caused minor damage at Van Nuys High School Sunday, authorities said. A local resident or passerby saw heavy smoke pouring out of a portable classroom about 5:45 p.m. Saturday and reported the blaze, said Bob Collis, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The fire was smoldering in a file cabinet when firefighters arrived and quickly doused it, he said. School police are investigating the fire as an attempted arson, Collis said.
June 5, 1988
You have helped me understand why I did not rush out and order tickets for "Les Miz"--or is it "Les Mess" ("There's No Biz Like 'Les Miz' Biz," by Barbara Isenberg, May 29)? There must be another name for these prepackaged carcinogens of the theater. Want to see live theater? Try "The Magic Prison" at Theatre West . . . "Three Top Hats" at the Odyssey. "Once Upon a Mattress" at Van Nuys High School was awfully good too. These theater pieces soar, spin, dive and sometimes crash, but, unlike "Les Miz," they are never on automatic pilot.
June 3, 2001
Re "Metal Detectors and a Search for Peace of Mind," May 30: I'm a student at Van Nuys High School. I think that it's a good idea that they search people at random. Some people think it's a violation of their privacy, but I think it's better that someone gets upset about being searched than for half the school to end up in a hospital or even dead because no one bothered to check a locker or backpack for a weapon. Hannah Yankelevich Granada Hills
June 23, 2008 | Ari B. Bloomekatz
A math teacher at Van Nuys High School was arrested Friday after he allegedly kissed a 17-year-old student and made sexually explicit statements to her. Police charged Iusmen Iusmen, 59, with child annoying, a misdemeanor, alleging he kissed a 12th-grader on her lips and cheeks and made inappropriate sexual remarks to her. Iusmen was arrested about 2:20 p.m. and released after midnight Saturday after posting $20,000 bail. Police said other students who may have been subjected to similar acts by the teacher should contact authorities.
May 12, 1994 | SUSAN BYRNES
As President Clinton grapples with a pending decision on future Chinese-American relations, a Chinese high school and a San Fernando Valley high school Wednesday practiced a little diplomacy of their own.
September 20, 1998
Re "Youth Teams Squeezed Out of the Game," Sept. 11. A grass athletics field cannot withstand unlimited wear and tear. Constant use destroys it. Once the grass is gone, the field becomes unplayable. Van Nuys High School has one football field, one softball field and a small multipurpose field for 3,600 students. These fields are in constant use by our physical education classes, our athletic teams and our marching band. Each year by the end of football season, our fields have been left in ruin due to heavy use. As a result, students during the winter and spring have had to play in dust and mud. This has been especially hard on our soccer teams and marching band.
June 15, 1994 | MAKI BECKER
More than 3,700 letters from faculty members and parents opposing year-round classes at Van Nuys High School have been sent to district administrators, officials said. "Van Nuys is not a typical high school. . . . It's not something that fits a mold," said Michael Lewis, a parent of a magnet student and member of the Van Nuys High School Shared Decision Making Council. The school offers three magnet programs--math-science, medical and performing arts.
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