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September 13, 1993 | CRAIG TOMASHOFF, Los Angeles writer Craig Tomashoff and Judy Santos were married earlier this month. Gift - wise, they got great stuff
Beware of strangers bearing fondue sets. And that's the least of the weird stuff you have to watch out for as The Thing slowly, relentlessly stalks you. And here I'd assumed that once I'd made the decision to marry my girlfriend of six years, the hard part would be over. Popping the question, it seemed, would be like scoring the winning touchdown in the big game (and isn't it just like a guy to see something like marriage in terms of a sporting event?).
April 19, 2009
January 18, 2009 | Richard Abowitz
Last year at this time, the answer to the question "What makes Vegas so special?" was self-explanatory. Now, it is likely to be: nothing. After all, you can gamble almost anywhere these days, and, in this economy, you can get a nice hotel room at a good price in a lot of places besides Vegas. The city's dining and shopping draws are not working out so well either. In the Internet Age, great boutique shopping is hardly the rarity it was even a few years ago. Vegas has celebrity chefs, of course, but so do New York and Los Angeles, not to mention Paris (the real one, not the casino)
September 27, 2009 | Richard Abowitz
Hal Prince, unlike many, was absolutely expecting a hit from "Phantom: The Las Vegas Spectacular" at the Venetian. Opening in June 2006, the show, along with "Jersey Boys" and the recently opened "Lion King," are the survivors of what was once a faith that a Broadway-to-Vegas nexus would transform the Strip into Broadway West. To my knowledge, no one is planning any more such shows on the Strip. But from the beginning, Prince, 81, the Broadway legend known for his record 21 Tony Awards (which interests him so little that he was in Vegas rehearsing "Phantom" when he won his Lifetime Achievement honor)
June 13, 2012 | By Rene Lynch
Ever have a sudden urge for crisp-crusted, ooey-gooey, cheesy pizza? You want it STAT. Not in the time it takes to preheat the oven to 500 degrees for a frozen pizza. Not in the 20 minutes it takes for the pizza delivery guy to arrive. And certainly not in however many hours it would take to make homemade dough and marinara sauce. Get ready for Let's Pizza, a pizza vending machine that promises to deliver a piping hot pizza pie made from scratch in less than three minutes.  The brainchild of Italian entrepreneur Claudio Torghel, the machine will be distributed by A1 Concepts, based out of the Netherlands.
December 11, 2012 | By Russ Parsons
If you've ever been in Italy in the late fall and early winter, you know how amazing the perfume of really fresh olive oil can be -- artichokes, green beans, call me crazy but I get something deeply floral, like roses and, oh yes, olives. The problem is, fresh oil doesn't last very long and it rarely seems to ship well. All of those vibrant grassy aromas and flavors mellow into something that's quite delicious, but nutty rather than vegetal. But I've just found the first California oil so far that delivers that remarkable olio nuovo pungency.
December 29, 1986
The Federal Home Loan Bank Board approved merging Nevada Savings and Loan Assn. into a wholly owned subsidiary of Las Vegas-based Southwest Gas Corp., which will continue operating under the present name. The merger previously was approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, the Nevada Administrator of Financial Institutions and stockholders of both companies.
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