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Veggie Burger

It was about noontime last week when Janice Weglarz of Port Hueneme first heard the familiar, gentle rumbling. No use looking up--the child-care program specialist knew it had nothing to do with the weather. It was the same sound emanating from behind desks, in homes, in schools and out in fields throughout the county. Lunchtime. Stomachs gonging 12. Time to get something like, well, hey buddy, how about we go grab us a burger?
May 11, 2006 | Steve Baltin
ETHAN SUPLEE has been keeping busy playing the slacker brother of Jason Lee's slacker lead character on the hit NBC sitcom "My Name Is Earl" -- and portraying an aspiring filmmaker in the new movie "Art School Confidential." After shooting five days a week, Suplee's weekends are devoted primarily to his wife, Brandy, and three children: 8- and 9-year-old stepdaughters, and a 10-month-old baby girl. "Thursday or Friday I get an e-mail from my wife with basically a weekend call sheet.
You could almost hear the sound of people connecting the dots Wednesday. The Sacramento Kings, against just about any odds you could garner at your neighborhood cigar bar, have pushed the Lakers to a fifth and deciding game in their first-round Western Conference playoff; and the first audible analytical breath--after the collective "aaahhh" from the local populace, of course--inevitably involved the Utah Jazz. And why?
December 1, 1996 | PAUL LEWIS, Paul Lewis is a professor of English at Boston College
Standing at the counter of the local bagel store, confronted by an impressive set of choices in filling out my baker's dozen, I was struck by a developing trend in food retailing. With more than 16 varieties in bins labeled everything from poppy dip'd to nutty banana, sun-dried tomato to chocolate chip, the world of bagels seemed to be reaching far beyond its original ethnic context into the once-separate realms of other kinds of comestibles.
February 18, 1993 | MAX JACOBSON
FRESH! Cafe and Patisserie joins the ranks of pleasant alternatives to run-of-the-mill breakfasts and conventional lunches in downtown Laguna Beach, an area fast becoming the most interesting culinary destination in Orange County. Owner Sam Sahli likes to think of his fare as "gourmet food at fast-food prices," and you won't get much argument from his happy customers.
December 3, 2000
I'm afraid Paul Lieberman missed the real Planet Hollywood resurrection story ("Trying to Realign the Planet," Nov. 26). To wit: Promoting Planet Hollywood (again) is not about theme restaurants, or even celebrities. It is about separating investors--first wealthy but dumb syndicators, then public suckers--from their money. Only in Hollywood can this be done twice. JEFFREY J. DENNING Long Beach Paul Lieberman's feature on Planet Hollywood and its out-of-orbit financial woes puts the chain's dark moon clearly where it belongs: on the shoulders of Robert Earl.
May 25, 2006 | Mark Sachs
IT'S been 25 years since the Go-Go's got going, and L.A.'s own sirens of sun-drenched summer hits, such as "Vacation" and "We Got the Beat," are marking the milestone with a world tour that will eventually bring them home for a Greek Theatre date July 14. For the last 14 years, however, home for lead singer Belinda Carlisle has been in the South of France, where she shares a chateau with husband Morgan Mason and their son, James Duke.
April 17, 2008 | Amita Parikh, Special to The Times
You think your current love interest is confused? What about your friends? "Are you dating anyone?" I asked a friend I hadn't seen in months over dinner. "Um, no. There's this guy, and we've hooked up a few times, but that's it." "Oh. But . . . you're not seeing anyone else?" I ask. She shakes her head no. "Then it would logically follow that you're dating him, right?" My analytical mind is going into overdrive. "No, I told you. We're just hooking up. Hanging out. That sort of thing."
April 1, 2004 | David A. Keeps
Tonight, Richard Tyler unveils his fall 2004 ready-to-wear collection at L.A.'s Fashion Week and introduces his new line, Eve ("for the downtown debutante," he says). Tyler, 56, who has dressed rock idols, movie stars and has just been tapped to design uniforms for Delta Airlines, lives in South Pasadena, where his weekends start early. Arty Friday When my son, Edward, who is 10, gets out of school in the early afternoon we will quite often go to the Norton Simon Museum.
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