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Vehicle Registration

March 11, 1998 | JOHN CANALIS
The City Council says that proposals aimed at eliminating vehicle registration fees could become detrimental to local government. The council adopted a proclamation Monday opposing Assembly and Senate bills that would immediately eliminate or phase out fees for noncommercial cars, trucks and motorcycles. The average California family could save $240 a year if the bills pass, according to some reports. Fees raised $3.
February 7, 2014 | DAVID LAZARUS
Chester Specht recently went online to renew his car registration. He Googled "DMV renewal" and clicked on the top listing. "Complete your vehicle registration in 3 simple steps," the website said, leading Specht through a straightforward process. He paid using a credit card. The registration tags arrived in the mail not long after. Easy peasy. It wasn't until Specht's wife, Phyllis, looked at the receipt weeks later that the Pasadena couple realized something was hinky. "The DMV bill was for $148," she told me. "But the receipt was for $183.64.
August 24, 1996 | TRACY WILSON
David Lost Horse has lost his house. The Ventura County Sheriff's Department seized the 1977 Dodge motor home in which the self-proclaimed Cheyenne spiritual leader lives and keeps his religious talismans, including eagle feathers, stone tools, bear claws and animal skulls. Authorities impounded the vehicle July 1 for bearing a license plate of the Lakota nation--a collection of prairie Indian tribes--instead of California.
September 29, 2013 | Patrick McGreevy
Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday approved a four-year extension of carpool lane access for electric cars and low-emission vehicles. But he vetoed a bill that would have allowed solo motorists in regular vehicles access to those lanes on two Los Angeles County freeways during non-peak hours. The governor signed 20 pieces of legislation Saturday, including six bills promoting the use of low- and zero-emission vehicles. "Today, we reaffirm our commitment in California to an electric vehicle future," Brown said in a statement.
In what appears to be a bright spot for an often embattled state agency, thousands of Californians have flocked to the Internet to take advantage of the Department of Motor Vehicles' new online registration program. The state has collected more than $25 million from owners who registered 136,261 vehicles since the program began in April.
Life just got easier for some folks trying to clear up less-than-perfect driving records in Orange County. As of Monday, drivers who have a date before a judge in Municipal Court here--but who need to clear up any old tickets with the Department of Motor Vehicles first--can take care of both in one stop. Through a new state program, limited DMV services became available at the Harbor courthouse. Simultaneously, a "court station" opened at the DMV office in Costa Mesa.
January 15, 2003 | Evan Halper and Daren Briscoe, Times Staff Writers
Faced with angry reactions from local officials up and down the state, Democratic leaders of the California Legislature said Tuesday that they are prepared to raise vehicle registration fees in order to avoid deep cuts to cities and counties. Assembly Speaker Herb Wesson (D-Culver City) said restoration of the fees to earlier levels, which Gov.
July 23, 1991
The City Council has approved an ordinance supporting an increase in motor vehicle registration fees to raise money to help fight air pollution. The council's approval makes the city eligible for $38,000 in state funds that will be used to improve local air quality. The money will be deposited in a special trust fund. In 1990, state lawmakers passed a bill increasing motor vehicle registration fees $2 in 1991 and another $4 in 1992.
April 21, 1999 | Regina Hong, (714) 966-5912
Starting May 15, residents in the Old Town West area must display a one-year parking sticker on their vehicle and guests must have parking passes. Residents may pick up permits and passes at the Police Department, 3201 Katella Ave., with proof of residency such as a driver's license, utility bill or vehicle registration. Information: (562) 431-2255, Ext. 402.
September 17, 2003 | Jeanne Wright, Special to The Times
My recent column about California residents breaking the law by registering their vehicles out of state to save money drew heated responses from readers and requests for information on how to report these scofflaws to authorities. Many of the two dozen-plus e-mails about the column came from readers angry at residents who are cheating the state out of registration fees at a time of budget woes.
May 9, 2012 | By Chris Megerian, Los Angeles Times
SACRAMENTO — Lawmakers are considering a new proposal to save dozens of state parks from the budget ax, rather than follow through with plans to close them in the middle of summer vacation season. Seventy parks were set for closure to save money, and 20 could still be shut. Some have already been rescued, at least for the short term, by pledges from outside donors. But a proposal to charge for entrance at more parks, tap vehicle registration fees to maintain park roads and redirect other state funds would keep dozens more open.
October 2, 2010 | By Julie Cart, Los Angeles Times
Nick Franco squinted across Morro Bay to the potential future of the California state parks system. The district superintendent of this coastal jewel, Franco ticked off money-making possibilities: Install gates and charge to get in the parking lot. Sell off the nearby county-run golf course. In the marina, bring in more concessions. Outsource to allow motorized recreation in the wetlands. And in the wild, undulating spine of sand dunes at Montaña de Oro State Park, he could foresee a string of profitable billboards facing beachgoers on the opposite shore.
June 21, 2010 | By Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times
Some small cars and crossovers, typically from foreign automakers, are more likely to be bought by women than men. That's the finding of a study of 13 million U.S. vehicle registrations over the last two years by, the Santa Monica auto pricing information company. Volkswagen's Beetle was the auto most likely to be purchased by a woman. Just over 56% of the buyers registering a new Beetle were women, the study found. But after that, female buyers tended toward small sport utility vehicles.
June 19, 2010 | By Jerry Hirsch, Los Angeles Times
Women prefer to purchase small cars and crossovers, typically from foreign automakers. That's the finding of a study of 13 million U.S. vehicle registrations over the last two years by, the Santa Monica auto pricing information company. Volkswagen's Beetle was the auto most likely to be purchased by a woman. Just over 56% of the buyers registering a new Beetle were women, the study found. But after that, female buyers tended toward small sport utility vehicles.
January 1, 2009 | Jordan Rau and Patrick McGreevy
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration Wednesday rushed out its latest plan to cut state spending, raise taxes and borrow heavily to stop California's budget deficit from climbing to $41.6 billion by mid-2010. Mike Genest, the governor's finance director, said the state's financial troubles were so urgent that the administration wanted to release its budget plan for the next fiscal year -- due Jan.
September 13, 2007 | Nancy Vogel, Times Staff Writer
SACRAMENTO -- Fast-food restaurants may still fry food in artificial fats, but they'll have to tell customers about it under measures dispatched by the California Legislature in a final 17-hour day. The food bills were among hundreds that lawmakers handled before ending their regular session after 3 a.m. Wednesday. Legislators sent to the governor bills to raise car registration fees by $3, ban smoking in cars carrying children and put the source of water on bottled-water labels. Gov.
February 11, 1988
County motorists will begin paying a $1 surcharge on all vehicle registration fees sometime in the next several months to help finance improvements to the aging freeway emergency call box system. The fee, which will generate $6 million a year, was approved by the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission Wednesday, after a majority of the county's 85 cities endorsed the proposal. Some 1,375 new call boxes are planned on stretches of freeways not currently served.
October 15, 1991 | SHANNON SANDS
The City Council has voted 3 to 2 to join other Orange County cities in supporting a $1 vehicle registration fee to be used for disposing of abandoned vehicles. Councilman Earl J. Prescott opposed the fee because he routinely opposes new taxes. Councilman Jim Potts, an Irvine police supervisor, opposed it because he said that tow companies and vehicle owners are already paying for disposing of the vehicles. According to Tustin Police Chief W.
April 20, 2004 | Carl Ingram, Times Staff Writer
In a major crackdown starting today, the California Highway Patrol wants residents statewide to turn in fellow motorists they suspect of illegally driving vehicles with out-of-state license plates. The public is being asked to jot down license plate numbers and other information and send it anonymously to CHP headquarters via computer. With that, the agency will track down violators. The effort will also be a moneymaker for California, says the head of the Highway Patrol, Commissioner D.O.
March 12, 2004 | Carl Ingram, Times Staff Writer
The Department of Motor Vehicles is adding 400 workers to reduce long lines at field offices throughout California, despite the budget shortfall that has forced hiring freezes elsewhere in state government. The chief of the Department of Motor Vehicles disclosed an emergency plan Thursday to aid drivers who must register vehicles or renew licenses. Responding to complaints from Gov.
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