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September 11, 2003 | Lonnie White, Times Staff Writer
Idaho fullback Keith Greer, a former Santa Ana Mater Dei High standout, is listed in serious condition and remains on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at a Seattle hospital, more than a week after surgery on his broken leg. Greer developed complications from Aug. 31 surgery after breaking two bones below his right knee in the Vandals' 25-0 loss to Washington State in Seattle the day before. He is suffering from adult respiratory distress syndrome.
January 13, 2014 | By Los Angeles Times staff
Medical ethicists are criticizing the unnamed facility that agreed to keep the body of 13-year-old Jahi McMath on a ventilator after transferring her from an Oakland hospital, saying it will only delay the inevitable while potentially causing long-term financial and emotional harm to her family. Jahi's case has been widely criticized by medical experts who have emphasized that people who are declared brain-dead are no longer alive. At least three neurologists confirmed Jahi was unable to breathe on her own, had no blood flow to her brain and had no sign of electrical activity three days after she  underwent surgery Dec. 9 to remove her tonsils, adenoids and uvula at Children's Hospital Oakland and went into cardiac arrest, causing extensive hemorrhaging in her brain.
January 16, 2011 | By Thomas H. Maugh II, Los Angeles Times
Surgeons at Tucson's University Medical Center removed Rep. Gabrielle Giffords from a ventilator Saturday and inserted a tracheotomy tube into her neck to assist her breathing, according to the center. Removing her from the ventilator, which means she is now breathing on her own, allows the medical team to assess her ability to speak and is another step toward stabilizing her condition so she can leave the intensive care unit and be moved to a regular hospital room. The tracheotomy tube in her throat provides a passageway for free movement of air and, if she begins to have trouble breathing, allows a simple way for doctors to insert a tube into her lungs to assist her breathing.
January 9, 1987 | CHARLES HILLINGER, Times Staff Writer
Eyeing the huge hook hanging from the ceiling, the dangling rope, noose and trap door at the gallows in the Old Idaho penitentiary, former warden Orvil E. Stiles recalls the state's last execution: "I was here with Raymond Snowden 30 years ago on the last day of his life. Snowden murdered a woman in a Garden City bar. He prayed alone with me. Then he was led into this room. He was the calmest man in the execution chamber, far calmer than I was."
January 3, 1990 | From a Times Staff Writer
Four people have died of carbon monoxide poisoning in a motor home outside a mountain lodge east of here, authorities said Tuesday. Sheriff's investigators said the victims died New Year's Day while camping in Mt. Laguna in the Cleveland National Forest. The coroner's office identified them as Katherine Walsh, 30; Michael McCrae, 32; Conan Lemmer, 28, and Graham Rayner, 28, all of San Diego.
March 24, 1991 | JAMES DULLEY, Dulley is a Cincinnati-based engineering consultant
QUESTION: Even with our furnace air cleaner, the air in our house gets awfully stale. Would you explain how energy-efficient heat-recovery ventilators can bring in fresh outside air without wasting a lot of energy? ANSWER: Heat-recovery ventilators used to be called air-to-air heat exchangers. They can recapture from 50% to 70% (rated efficiency) of the energy otherwise lost through ventilation and can help control humidity levels.
A big ugly bug that "looked like a black widow with wings" prompted Tom Dean to look into the air vents at an office building he was managing in Long Beach a few years ago after the creature landed atop a client's hair, sat briefly, then buzzed back into the air duct from whence it had come. What Dean found were cruddy ducts and vents that provided a pleasant habitat for ugly bugs but needed a thorough cleaning to render them suitable for carrying air to humans.
March 9, 1991 | JOHN MORELL
Question: Our bathroom ceiling and walls have been getting these brown "drips." We used a latex, semi-gloss enamel when we painted, and the drips clean off easily, but I'm wondering if there's a problem with the paint. C.T., Fullerton Answer: "Problems like that usually occur because of a lack of adequate ventilation," says Allan Howell of Imperial Paint in Anaheim.
June 30, 2008 | Marc Siegel, Special to The Times
"Weeds": "Mother Thinks the Birds Are After Her" episode; Showtime, June 16. The premise: Having burned down her house, Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) and her family travel to the Mexican border town of Ren Mar, Calif., where they visit Bubbie, the 95-year-old grandmother of Nancy's dead husband. Bubbie doesn't answer the door, and the family eventually finds her hooked up to a ventilator and feeding tube. Len (Albert Brooks), Nancy's former father-in-law, returns after several hours.
September 26, 1989 | GENE YASUDA, Times Staff Writer
The aging of the U.S. population and the corresponding increase in lung cancer and other respiratory ailments have helped create a respiratory health care market worth $2 billion a year. Infrasonics, the Sorrento Valley-based manufacturer of hospital ventilators, is responding with a newly expanded product line. Ventilators are devices for patients who have limited ability to breathe on their own. Connected to a user by plastic tubes, they pump and deliver oxygen into the lung passageways.
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