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August 16, 1987 | ROBERT SMAUS, Robert Smaus is an associate editor of the Los Angeles Times Magazine.
MOST VINES ARE house gobblers, tree consumers, fence wreckers. Turn your back on them and they are out of control. They have been known to completely cover windows, to grow into an attic, to rip off shingles. They can even smother a tree. Undoing their damage is hard and heavy work, extricating them from their victims is a painfully slow process--like untying a thousand knots in a child's shoelaces.
March 28, 2014 | By Chris Foster
Moving the UCLA basketball program forward is going to be tricky. The Bruins had a good season, reaching an NCAA regional semifinal for the first time since 2008 and pushing top-ranked Florida to the final minutes. For two days in Memphis - pregame and postgame - Coach Steve Alford talked about the "foundation" that was built. Less than 24 hours later, though, that foundation already had a crack. Freshman guard Zach LaVine will declare for the NBA draft, his family said Friday.
June 20, 2013 | By Paresh Dave
Some of the most active Vine users tweet an average of more than 14 Vines a day, according to data from analytics firm Topsy . Prior to coming to Android at the beginning of the month, Vine said it had 13 million users. It was unclear how much these users actually participated in video-sharing. Topsy's data offers an indication of at least the activity of some of the top users. PHOTOS: Top smartphones of 2013 Using data from the week ended June 5, Topsy returned a list of 1,000 Twitter users who had shared the most links.
March 17, 2014 | By Chris Foster
Lurking beyond the NCAA tournament horizon for UCLA's basketball team is one very important question: Will they or won't they? Three Bruins will have NBA decisions to make once their tournament run is done. Sophomore Kyle Anderson , sophomore Jordan Adams and freshman Zach LaVine may have already played their last game at Pauley Pavilion. Or one, two or all could be back next season. The early line has Anderson leaving, LaVine a pick 'em and Adams likely to return.
February 19, 1989
Tired of graffiti-covered walls and buildings? Want to stop repainting them every few months? Plant vines. The relief won't be free. It won't be immediate. But it will be reasonably permanent. Some work will be necessary, though it's little in comparison to what's now required. Concrete at the base of buildings and walls will have to be cut. Suitable soil will need to be provided. Water also is needed. Buildings already have water. Plumbing can be extended to drip water the vines.
February 23, 2011 | By Amina Khan, Los Angeles Times
Vines may be proliferating at the expense of trees in tropical forests across the Americas, scientists have found. This shift in abundance could affect the water in the ecosystem and how carbon is stored in the plants, potentially drying out forests and resulting in more carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere. The report, published online last week in the journal Ecology Letters, surveyed eight studies on the state of woody vines in tropical forests from the Savannah River system and the Congaree National Park in South Carolina to an area in the central Amazon about 50 miles north of Manaus, Brazil.
February 11, 1996 | Jill Stewart
Alex Villicana stands in his one-acre vineyard perched above Pasadena's Arroyo, on a plot of land directly behind his family's 1920s mansion, and chuckles at the image that drives his passion: Los Angeles yuppies searching the finer stores and restaurants for the rarest California wines, Villicana 1996 from Pasadena.
November 4, 2004 | Robert Smaus
Southern California fans of graceful and dramatic clematis vines, better known on the East Coast, can rejoice. You can grow clematis with great ease here, according to this book written by a local who knows her subject. You can trust this information. Even though she lives in a climate where clematis are not supposed to do terribly well, nearly 200 of these flower-heavy vines fill the small Irvine backyard of Edith M. Malek, the "clematis queen" and president of the American Clematis Society.
July 1, 2008
Shakespeare in the Vines: An article in Thursday's edition of The Guide about Southern California Shakespeare productions gave the wrong phone number for the Temecula company Shakespeare in the Vines. The correct number is (866) 653-8696.
September 22, 2002
When I came across "A Hidden Jewel in Tuscany" (July 28), my family scheduled one meal at Villa Vannini while on a trip to Florence. Our trip to Pistoia involved multiple turns over bridges, steep mountain switchbacks, pushing back thorny vines from signs to see which way the arrow was pointing and inching past other cars on narrow mountain roads. We arrived 2 1/2 hours later. The food was as promised, including the ravioli wrapped in a napkin. KAREN YABLONOVITCH Malibu
March 6, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Vine announced that it has changed its rules and terms of service to no longer allow users to post sexually explicit videos. The video-sharing social network said users who are found to post pornographic videos will be subject to having their accounts suspended. "We don't have a problem with explicit sexual content on the Internet -- we just prefer not to be the source of it," Vine said in a blog post Thursday . MORE: Twitterverse reacts to Bitcoin founder news The Twitter-owned social network said the changes to its terms of service will not affect most users.
February 28, 2014 | By Chris Foster
It was late Thursday night when UCLA's short-handed basketball team finally succumbed to Oregon in double overtime, 87-83. The Bruins were able to rally from a 14-point second-half deficit without their two best players, Jordan Adams and Kyle Anderson , who were suspended one game for violating team rules. "I don't know if I've been more proud than I am of this team," Coach Steve Alford said after UCLA fell to 21-7 overall, 10-5 in Pac-12 Conference play. The suspensions meant a much-longer-than-usual night for freshmen Bryce Alford and Zach LaVine , who replaced Adams and Anderson.
February 26, 2014 | By Chris Foster
Everyone on UCLA's basketball team has a role. "Some," Coach Steve Alford says, "are more glamorous than others. " The headliners are easy to spot. Point guard Kyle Anderson directs as well as stars. Guard Jordan Adams also has a leading man's resume. The other starters in the chorus line provide some kick. And there have been important moments too when the understudies on the bench - Bryce Alford, Zach LaVine and Tony Parker - have found the spotlight. Alford, the coach's son, ignited a recent win over Colorado by making four three-pointers in a span of about five minutes to help push a two-point lead into a double-digit advantage.
February 8, 2014 | By L.J. Williamson
Enjoy whirlwind tours of Los Angeles neighborhoods, eavesdrop on celebrities, drive interest in your in-progress screenplay. Just when you thought this town's attention span couldn't get any shorter - or its residents any more publicity-hungry - along comes social video to prove that entertainment can be had in as little time as it takes to blurt out a one-liner. When photo-sharing site Instagram introduced its 15-second video feature last June, many predicted that it would spell the demise of the Twitter-owned 6.5-second video service, Vine, launched just six months earlier.
January 30, 2014 | By Roger Vincent
With plans for a motion picture museum relocated to Wilshire Boulevard, another vast complex of apartments, offices and stores may be coming to the heart of Hollywood in the block just south of the ArcLight Cinema complex. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, the group that puts on the Oscars, scrapped plans for a museum there and sold the full city block near Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street to Los Angeles developer Kilroy Realty Corp. for $46 million. The proposed project, valued at as much as $285 million, underscores the ascendancy of the Vine Street neighborhood around Hollywood and Sunset boulevards, where billions of dollars' worth of development has been completed or planned in recent years.
January 24, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
A year ago, Twitter released Vine, an oddly green app that let users film six-second videos. Right off the bat, many questioned whether six seconds was enough time to film anything of significance, but a community of creative users immediately flocked to the new mobile app and proved a lot can be done in six seconds. Whether artistic videos or hilarious skits or even footage of real, breaking-news events, Vine proved its worth. The app became so popular that it eventually forced Facebook's Instagram to add video-recording capabilities to its app.  PHOTOS: 10 ways to use the sharing economy Now Vine is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with a new website called " A Year on Vine . " The site hosts a collection of the top Vines posted in 2013 as well as the first few weeks of 2014.
April 25, 2011 | By S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times
  Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley has a special character — minerally, lean, focused. At Domaine de la Charmoise in the Touraine, grapes from 40-year-old vines go into the signature Sauvignon Blanc "M. de Marionnet. " I love the notes of citrus and chalk coupled with a tart acidity and lingering finish. A perfect warm weather wine, it's great with chilled shellfish, Dungeness crab, steamed mussels and grilled fish. Keep an eye out for proprietor Henry Marionnet's Vinifera wines too, made from grapes from ungrafted vines.
May 6, 2000 | From ASSOCIATED PRESS
Left untended, an old grapevine becomes a tangled mass of branches. As a result, the grapes become hard to pick and diseases fester in the darkness. Pruning brings such a plant to manageable size and coaxes it to bear large crops. The first goal in taming a neglected grapevine with pruning shears is to create a trunk. Of the many stems arising at or near the ground, choose one healthy, vertical branch for the new trunk. Cut away all other shoots originating at or near ground level.
January 12, 2014 | By Chris Foster
There is no denying the marquee abilities UCLA freshman Zach LaVine can bring to a game. He gave a sparse crowd at Pauley Pavilion a peek of those Sunday. LaVine's 19 points in UCLA's 87-72 Pac-12 Conference victory over Arizona State won't jump off the stat sheet, as he was one of five Bruins in double figures. But what he did during an eight-minute stretch in the first half should get the chatter going around the water cooler. He scored 15 points to fuel a 20-8 run that gave UCLA (13-3 overall, 2-1 in Pac-12 play)
January 3, 2014 | By Salvador Rodriguez
Twitter Inc. has launched a full Web version of its popular Vine video-sharing social network, expanding the service beyond its smartphone app. Vine users can now view and "like" videos, leave comments and "re-vine" others via the new website. Users, however, can't post videos through the website. By going to and logging in, users can now see their home feed, which lists videos posted by them and those they follow. Previously, users could only click on links to individual videos sent by email or tweet.
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