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March 22, 2013 | By Robert Faturechi
A fundraiser being hosted by Los Angeles County sheriff's officials Thursday night ended in violence, with one guest arrested and more arrests possible, a spokesman confirmed. Sheriff's deputies were hosting a party at Cities, a bar and restaurant in East Los Angeles, to raise money for an annual law enforcement relay race. About 2 a.m. Friday, there was an altercation that involved off-duty deputies and guests. One woman invited to the party was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.
December 23, 2001
Re "Stop the Violence; Kids Are Watching" (Orange County commentary, Dec. 16): If the ability to analyze issues and make crucial distinctions before drawing conclusions is the mark of an educated mind, then Adrienne Hurley needs to go back to Logic 101. 1. Hurley states that violence doesn't solve anything. Really? European nations invaded or threatened by Hitler might want to disagree. And surely the survivors of the Holocaust would protest that holding hands with a fine gentleman such as Hitler and singing "Kumbaya" just wouldn't have accomplished what warfare did. 2. Having taught university students at all levels, I would expect that freshmen and sophomores might not yet see the distinction between the deliberate murder of civilians on one hand and civilian casualties as the unintended consequences of war on the other.
December 21, 2012 | By Robyn Dixon
JOHANNESBURG, South Africa - Attackers swept into a village in southeastern Kenya involved in longstanding ethnic disputes and killed at least 30 residents early Friday, police and the Kenyan Red Cross told local media. Nine of the assailants also died in the violence. The assault on the village of Kipao reflected long-held tensions over land and access to river water between rival communities of Pokomo farmers and Orma cattle herders in the region. Friday's attack was carried out by about 150 Pokomo, Kenyan police spokesman Anthony Kamitu told journalists.
February 25, 1990
Oh, great TV moguls, each season you dose us with guns, death, rape, dismemberment, mauling. Although you seek top ratings, I guess you don't see them. The Top 20 shows are consistently without violence. Carter Darnell, La Jolla
December 13, 1994 | Reuters
Gunmen killed four more people, including a police officer, pushing the death toll from mounting violence to 80 in 12 days, police said Monday. More than 650 people have been killed this year in Karachi, where sectarian, ethnic and factional feuding has spun out of control.
February 15, 2013 | By Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times Theater Critic
In one of the most infamous scenes in modern drama, a group of young men in a London park stone a baby to death in its carriage. What begins as roughhousing escalates to all-out sadism until a rock is thrown at point blank range, ending the child's pitiful cries for good. Edward Bond's "Saved" provoked outrage when it was produced in 1965 by the Royal Court Theatre as a private club offering, a designation used to slip past the Lord Chamberlain's Office. Although "Saved" isn't revived often, it's considered a modern classic, and not just because it was instrumental in overturning Britain's strict theater censorship laws.
December 31, 1999
After reading about "Puff Daddy" being detained after a shooting in a nightclub (Dec. 28) and many other incidents involving rappers and guns (Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G., for example), I have to ask why? Why when rappers achieve their dream of success do they still continue to act like common street criminals? This sets a horrible example to the kids who listen to their records and see them on MTV. Violence should not be condoned or practiced by these highly visible people. Violence should be condemned loudly and publicly by these entertainers.
April 1, 1996
Thomas Cahill (letter, March 26) has every right to be angry. Damned angry. Our hearts and prayers go out to Cahill and his mother. Random, senseless violence recently visited our family when our son, Ryan, and his girlfriend, Laura Previde, were the victims of a freeway shooting which left Laura paralyzed. Other victims can truly understand the pain, violation and rage associated with such despicable crimes. I urge Cahill to turn his anger into "positive determination," and get involved, to end this heinous violence, and reclaim our homes and neighborhoods.
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