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November 14, 1991
It is obvious that violent motion pictures ("Screen Violence Would Stop if It Didn't Sell Tickets, Filmmakers Say," Nov. 3) desensitize and inspire our society toward violence. As an artist, to say otherwise, is to say art does not have the power to inspire or sensitize. It clearly does. It is only the degree of influence that can be debated. I know from firsthand experience, as a former Green Beret, that violence is comparable to sex or drugs. Once past the fear, it's a high that can be exceptionally compelling.
October 15, 1992
The problem with Wilmington is there's too much violence going on. Recently, a man was stabbed to death and later a man was shot and killed near my house. I feel scared living in Wilmington because I might die. I think people should get together and stop gangs and drugs. I don't know why people kill each other. We're all equal. No one's better than anyone. My mom says she wants me and my brother to be someone big when we grow up. She says don't let drugs or gangs get in my way. My cousin was killed because of gangs.
February 21, 1989
Goldstein's assertion that pornography doesn't cause violence needs to be answered. Aside from the fact that pornography is violence in itself, research proves it provokes countless crimes against women, children and young men. As Kirk points out, a 1985 FBI study of 36 serial murderers showed that 81% "said their biggest sexual interest was in reading pornography." Pornography's defenders should talk with James Weaver, who recently completed a landmark study at the University of Indiana.
December 23, 2001
Re "Stop the Violence; Kids Are Watching" (Orange County commentary, Dec. 16): If the ability to analyze issues and make crucial distinctions before drawing conclusions is the mark of an educated mind, then Adrienne Hurley needs to go back to Logic 101. 1. Hurley states that violence doesn't solve anything. Really? European nations invaded or threatened by Hitler might want to disagree. And surely the survivors of the Holocaust would protest that holding hands with a fine gentleman such as Hitler and singing "Kumbaya" just wouldn't have accomplished what warfare did. 2. Having taught university students at all levels, I would expect that freshmen and sophomores might not yet see the distinction between the deliberate murder of civilians on one hand and civilian casualties as the unintended consequences of war on the other.
March 13, 2006
In response to fatal brawls in the nation's largest county jail system, Los Angeles County sheriff's officials will begin moving high-risk male inmates from throughout the system to the newest facility, Twin Towers in downtown. Starting March 25, female inmates there will be transferred to make room. Twin Towers has two-inmate cells, in short supply at Pitchess Detention Center jails in Castaic, where most of the violence has occurred.
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