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Violent Crime

The charred hulk of a rental car driven by three women who disappeared near Yosemite a month ago was found Thursday in a remote forested area about 40 miles from where they were last seen, the FBI said. There was no sign of the trio. "It's confirmation that they were the victims of a violent crime," FBI Special Agent James M. Maddock said. He said the car was found by a passerby near California 108 in the Stanislaus National Forest, not far from the mountain hamlet of Long Barn.
April 6, 2014 | By Robyn Dixon
PRETORIA, South Africa - Johan Gerber is a shy, neat man with iron-gray hair, a ready smile and a quiet voice. But on the streets, he has taken to carrying an open pocket knife with a mean 4-inch blade, concealed in an envelope and ready to use. Last month, three men accosted him in broad daylight, one of whom hit him in the stomach and grabbed his cellphone. A few years back, eight men surrounded him, held a knife to his throat and stole his wallet. His car and two trailers also have been stolen.
April 28, 2013 | By Molly Hennessy-Fiske, Los Angeles Times
LAREDO, Texas - This border city is trying to clear its name. It is so conjoined with its Mexican sister city across the Rio Grande, Nuevo Laredo, that the two are often referred to as "Los Dos Laredos," or simply Laredo. That was great for tourism in happier days. But as drug cartel violence exploded in Nuevo Laredo in recent years, pictures broadcast around the world of gunfights, decapitated bodies piled in abandoned minivans, and severed heads dumped in coolers often bore the same headline: "Laredo.
March 13, 2014 | By Ted Rall
Computer algorithms drive online dating sites that promise to hook you up with a compatible mate. They help retailers suggest that, because you liked this book or that movie, you'll probably be into this music. So it was probably inevitable that programs based on predictive algorithms would be sold to law enforcement agencies on the pitch that they'll make society safe. The Los Angeles Police Department feeds crime data into PredPol, which then spits out a report predicting -- reportedly with impressive accuracy -- where " property crimes specifically, burglaries and car break-ins and thefts are statistically more likely to happen . " The idea is, if cops spend more time in these high-crime spots, they can stop crime before it happens.
September 8, 2011 | By Richard A. Serrano, Washington Bureau
In the second violent crime in this country connected with the ATF's failed Fast and Furious program, two Arizona undercover police officers were allegedly assaulted last year when they attempted to stop two men in a stolen vehicle with two of the program's weapons in a confrontation south of Phoenix. The officers, members of an elite Arizona Department of Public Safety law enforcement unit, said the driver rammed their cars and threatened them with the firearms, and then fled into the Arizona desert.
September 17, 1990
I have two suggestions in response to your editorial. First, mandate gun safety courses in schools to teach safe and responsible use of guns. As a shock lesson, show films of the real damage that can be inflicted with a gun. Second, restrict the use of guns and the distorted portrayal of their effects on television and in movies. The answer is in gun education, not gun legislation. ARDEN L. ACORD Tujunga
June 3, 1991
Violent crime increased last year in Orange County's biggest cities. The aggregate incidence of four violent crimes--murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault--jumped 15.3% from 1989 to 1990 according to U.S. Justice Department figures. The county's seven cities with populations in excess of 100,000 recorded more than 7,000 of these crimes. However, rates varied widely from city to city. The increases ranged from 34.2%, in Huntington Beach, to 9.1%, in Anaheim.
Violent crime in Los Angeles and cities throughout Southern California dipped sharply in 1996, with crime rates in some local jurisdictions dropping faster than the national average, according to the FBI's annual crime report. The crime report, which verifies preliminary numbers that were first made public in June, reflects an 11.6% drop in serious crime in Los Angeles, while cities such as Glendale, Long Beach and Pasadena experienced decreases ranging from 12.5% to 21%.
November 6, 1986
Crime in Pasadena has taken a significant dip, according to statistics released by federal, state and local authorities. U. S. Department of Justice figures indicate a 17% drop in overall violent crime in Pasadena during the past 12 months. According to the Pasadena Police Department, there were nine murders in Pasadena during the past 12 months, compared to 32 the previous 12 months, representing a 68.8% drop.
March 11, 2014 | By Ben Welsh and Thomas Suh Lauder
Crime reports are up significantly for the latest week in seven L.A. neighborhoods, according to an analysis of LAPD data by the Los Angeles Times' Crime L.A. database . Five neighborhoods reported a significant increase in violent crime. Shadow Hills (A) was the most unusual, recording three reports compared with a weekly average of 0.4 over the last three months. Koreatown (F) topped the list of two neighborhoods with property crime alerts. It recorded 53 property crimes compared with its weekly average of 32.8 over the last three months.
February 3, 2014 | By Sergei L. Loiko
MOSCOW - Was it the influence of video games? A breakdown in respect for authority? Cuts in mental health services? In a phenomenon all too familiar to Americans, Russians searched for answers Monday after a 15-year-old student at a Moscow high school fatally shot a teacher and a police officer and held a class of 29 captive until he was persuaded by his father to release those in the room, officials said. Police then arrested him. The student reportedly was armed with a shotgun and possibly another weapon.
January 16, 2014
Re “Growing up in prison,” Opinion, Jan. 13 Although I think that Edel Gonzalez should no longer be considered a threat to public safety, that sentiment is based on his not being the triggerman in the crime he was convicted of two decades ago. But author Elizabeth Calvin's assertion that “a child is not a monster” reveals a mind-set that makes one question what her definition of a child is. Is a person at 17 years and 364 days a child...
January 13, 2014 | By Kate Mather
Overall crime in Los Angeles dropped for the 11th straight year in 2013, with many categories seeing the lowest per capita rates in decades, city officials said. Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck announced Monday that final LAPD statistics showed overall crime was down 5.2% across the city, with double-digit drops in violent crime, homicides, reported rapes and gang violence. Garcetti hailed the "extraordinary efforts" of the LAPD, community groups and city officials for numbers he called "a proud accomplishment.
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