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November 29, 1987 | BETTY MAHMOODY and WILLIAM HOFFER, From " Not Without My Daughter ," by Betty Mahmoody with William Hoffer. Copyright 1987, Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer. Reprinted by permission of St. Martin's Press Inc
It was an unseasonably warm and bright afternoon in mid-autumn when Moody agreed, grudgingly, to Mahtob's request that we go to the park. As we reached the swings and slide at the far end of the park, Mahtob squealed at the sight of a little blond girl, perhaps 4 years old, dressed in shorts and a top and wearing Strawberry Shortcake tennis shoes identical to the ones Mahtob had brought with her from America.
March 20, 2008 | From the Associated Press
After the biggest initial public offering in U.S. history, Visa Inc. shares soared 28% in their stock market debut Wednesday as investors bet that an accelerating shift to electronic payment would enrich the world's largest processor of credit and debit cards. The company's shares were priced Tuesday night at $44 a share, raising nearly $18 billion. They finished Wednesday at $56.50, up $12.50, on the New York Stock Exchange. The run-up gave the San Francisco-based company a market value of about $45 billion.
October 13, 2011 | By David Pierson, Los Angeles Times
The Chinese put up with a lot living in the world's most populous country: standing on over-crowded trains for 40 hours; sleeping outside hospitals to secure a doctor's appointment; waiting more than a year to earn a driver's license. Add getting a U.S. entry visa to the list. Applicants here have waited as long as 60 days to secure an appointment at one of five U.S. consular locations in China that process visas. There, they're often greeted by long lines, followed by a face-to-face interview that can end badly in a matter of seconds.
February 2, 2013 | By Mike Bresnahan
LAKERS AT DETROIT When: 10 a.m. PST. Where : The Palace of Auburn Hills. On the air: TV: TWC SportsNet, TWC Deportes; Radio: 710, 1330. Records: Lakers 21-26; Pistons 18-29. Record vs. Pistons: 1-0. Update: The Lakers' 108-79 victory over Detroit in November was the only one this season for former coach Mike Brown before he was fired. Recently acquired point guard Jose Calderon is doubtful to play Sunday for Detroit because of visa issues.
April 27, 2008 | Said Rifai, Times Staff Writer
I grew up abroad and used to take traveling for granted. From the day I was born, my family traveled several times a year. There were summer and winter vacations to exotic islands in the Far East, road trips in Europe, shopping sprees in Hong Kong and the annual trip back to Iraq to visit with family, getting acquainted with the fatherland, so to speak. I traveled so much that I got sick of it at one point and just wanted to settle down. My wish came true when my father retired and we moved back to Baghdad in 1993 -- finally, a place to call home.
April 3, 2013 | By The Times editorial board
The recent agreement between business and labor leaders on how to provide visas for nonagricultural workers in such industries as construction, hotels and restaurants is a surprising and welcome development. Such a breakthrough agreement would have been unthinkable a year ago, when the debate over comprehensive immigration reform was mired in anger and overheated preelection rhetoric. Fortunately, stubborn partisanship has given way to wary pragmatism. As a result, members of Congress and stakeholder groups have resumed negotiations, and deals like the one reached between the AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the weekend are possible.
June 24, 1988 | Clipboard researched by Susan Greene and Rick VanderKnyff / Los Angeles Times. Page designed by Doris Shields / Los Angeles Times
Country: Australia Passport Required: Yes Visa Required: Yes Shots Required: No Notes: Visitor visa valid up to five years, multiple entries, stays of six months. Transit visas not required for stay up to 72 hours. Information: (213) 380-0980 Country: Austria Passport Required: Yes Visa Required: No Shots Required: No Notes: No visa required for stay up to three months.
May 22, 1987 | DANIEL AKST, Times Staff Writer
James D. Richman said he charged $100 worth of carpet cleaning while living in Santa Monica, but he got billed for $1,790 on his Visa card statement. Barbara Lee of Westminster paid by check but wrote her Visa number on top. Sure enough, she said, her Visa card was billed for more than $1,600. Then there was Lucille Frost of Santa Ana. She was slapped with $1,389.50 in Visa charges and $1,710.57 in Mastercard charges--all for $75 worth of carpet cleaning. What do these people have in common?
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