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March 13, 1989
The March 1 article neglected to include the major reason for a lack of vocations. Vocations are given by God, but fostered or killed by the family environment. Given the average Catholic family is neutral or outright negative towards religious vocations coming from their children, coupled with an emphasis on being successful in a materialistic sense, it is no wonder that so few respond to God's call. Until we as Catholics put our faith first in our lives instead of as merely an appendage, we will continue to have few priests.
April 9, 2014 | By Richard Blanco
What does it take to be a writer: A room of one's own? A weakness for words? To celebrate the Festival of Books , we asked some celebrated authors to recall a turning point in their evolution as writers. How did I decide to become a poet? Well, that's like asking how I decided to fall in love with Mark, my partner of 14 years. I don't think anyone really makes conscious decisions when it comes to matters of love or vocation. Still, I understand the spirit of such a question, which is really asking: How did I meet and fall in love with poetry?
May 15, 1988
If Dukakis should become the next President, I think Jackson should be in the Administration. He commands a large measure of support within the Democratic Party. That support deserves to be heard. But the vice presidency wouldn't, to my mind, be his proper perspective. I can see him leading the army that fights the war on drugs, or as secretary of labor. His wherewithal within these vocations would give his voice the strongest meaning. GENE ABRAMSON Los Angeles
January 9, 2014 | By Christine Mai-Duc and Carla Rivera
Dozens of students gathered outside a South Los Angeles trade school Thursday, angry that the college where they had been taking classes -- and had paid thousands of dollars to attend -- had shut without notice. Authorities confirmed that accreditation and eligibility to provide federal financial aid had been withdrawn from Career Colleges of America amid ongoing financial problems. The school, opened in 1988, provides training in medical fields to about 800 students at campuses in South Gate, Los Angeles and San Bernardino.
September 6, 1986
Having attended a Roman Catholic seminary for several years, I read with great interest the resignation of Father Sweeney from the Society of Jesus. It continues to fascinate me why the Catholic hierarchy refuses to face, in an honest manner, the question of equal opportunity to minister without regard to sex or marital status. Most Catholics realize that it is ridiculous to hold, whether implicitly or explicitly, that sex and marriage are secondary callings that can impair one's spirituality or "availability" to do the Lord's work.
October 6, 1986 | United Press International
Pope John Paul II kneeled before the coffin containing the remains of the patron saint of parish priests today and bemoaned the severe shortage of priests worldwide. The Pope told 5,000 priests, seminarians and deacons from more than 60 countries that they should not be discouraged by the lack of young men becoming priests. "Lay people and priests should never resign themselves to the reduced number of priestly vocations and ordinations, as is the case today in many dioceses," he said.
May 26, 2002
Re "Gay Priests Say It's Harder Now to Tell the Truth," May 22: The term "gay priest" is an oxymoron. Having taken the vow of celibacy, the sexual orientation of an individual in this vocation is irrelevant. Followers of Christ are expected to lead chaste lives in whatever state of life they choose. The statement that men sometimes enter the priesthood to avoid explaining their single life is nonsense. "Cradle Catholics" were taught that there were three vocations to choose: the religious, married and "single blessedness in the world."
June 5, 1994
George Ramos, in his May 23 column regarding educational goals and the motivation we establish for our schoolchildren, misses one critical point: Auto mechanics (today's technicians) are not grease monkeys. To succeed, they need a solid foundation in physics, chemistry, math, electronics and communication skills. In other words, they need similar courses (in high school) to those required for a career in the sciences. There are no ethnic or economic background questions asked of prospective auto technician employees.
December 3, 2013 | By Tamar Jacoby
Instead of going through Congress and making the initiative bipartisan, President Obama acted alone in mid-November, promising $100 million in grants to specialized high schools - such as New York City's Pathways in Technology Early College High School - that prepare students for technical careers. The president's on the right track, but why make it partisan? Schools like P-TECH are an idea whose time has come - one that can be adopted by both parties and by business as well as government.
November 13, 2013 | George Skelton, Capitol Journal
SACRAMENTO - It used to be called "shop. " Then educators started using two-bit labels like "vocational education. " And it got worse. "Career tech," they renamed it when the era emerged. Now it goes by "linked learning. " Or is it "career pathways?" I'm confused. "Call it shop-plus," says Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento), the Legislature's leading proponent of whatever it is. I'll roll my eyes and refer to it as "linked learning. " Yuk. Whatever it's called, it seems to work for high schoolers where it exists, which isn't enough places.
February 11, 2013 | By Dalina Castellanos, Los Angeles Times
Single-engine Cessnas and a former Coast Guard HH-52 helicopter will continue to line one of the most unique classrooms within the Los Angeles Unified School District, thanks to a $100,000 donation announced Monday. The North Valley Occupational Center-Aviation Center had been facing closure or relocation after 40 years at Van Nuys Airport because of budget cuts and a rent increase. In recent weeks, the vocational school - which has produced thousands of mechanics - gained some high-powered backers, including L.A. Councilman and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti.
December 27, 2012 | By Dan Weikel, Los Angeles Times
A popular vocational center at Van Nuys Airport that has trained thousands of aviation mechanics during its 40-year history faces closure or relocation next year if the Los Angeles Unified School District can no longer afford to keep the facility open. Educators, students, national organizations and business owners at the airport say the loss of the program would be a blow to those seeking technical careers in the aviation industry, which is already suffering a shortage of qualified entry-level mechanics.
October 30, 2012 | By David Pierson, Los Angeles Times
YANTAI, China - The five schoolboys weren't of legal age to work on an assembly line. But when their vocational school sent them to a Foxconn manufacturing plant last month as part of an internship program, they were soon piecing together Sony PlayStations 12 hours a day. One boy said he worked an overnight shift that started at 7:30 p.m. looking for imperfections on finished gaming consoles. Another struggled to stand after spending hours screwing together thousands of devices. The intern assigned to lug plastic cases for the product bore red welts on his neck from hoisting heavy loads onto his thin shoulders.
September 21, 2012 | By Patrick McGreevy, Los Angeles Times
SACRAMENTO - Veterans and those in the military will receive more state benefits, including help with education, finances and even fishing licenses, under 18 bills signed into law Thursday by Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown noted that the measures were sponsored and supported by members of both major political parties, and he used the occasion to take a jab at Congress. "Yesterday, a [federal] bill to invest in job training for veterans was blocked because of Washington political infighting," Brown said.
June 4, 2012
So there you are, in the Assembly, running for reelection, and you have to describe your "principal professions, vocations or occupations. " You're limited to three words. This is going to be your ballot designation, and even voters who don't read your campaign literature, see your lawn signs or know where the Capitol is are going to see these words, right on their ballot, when they go to vote. Your political consultant tells you your choice will have a huge impact on your chances. What should you say?
May 1, 2012 | By Maria L. LaGanga, Los Angeles Times
OAKLAND — The former nursing student charged with seven counts of murder after a shooting rampage at a vocational school in Oakland pleaded not guilty Monday afternoon. One L. Goh, a 43-year-old South Korean national, had also been charged with three counts of attempted murder in the rampage at Oikos University nearly a month ago. Shackled to a chair in the jury box of Department 11 and clad in a red jail uniform, Goh appeared thinner than the day he was arrested in the killings of six students and a school employee.
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