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Twelve of California's 58 counties have implemented the provisions of Proposition 90, that allow inter-county transfers of Proposition 13 base-year property tax values for homeowners 55 or older.
April 26, 2014 | By Bill Shaikin
You're the mayor. A guy walks into City Hall and offers to spend half a billion bucks to revitalize property owned by the city, at no cost to the city. What do you say? If you're Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait, you call it a taxpayer giveaway. This is not a knock at Tait. This is a tip of the cap toward a mayor who has been so incredibly successful in framing the debate surrounding the Angels' stadium lease negotiations that the process has ground to a dead halt. It has been six months since the Anaheim City Council voted to approve the framework of a deal designed to keep the Angels in town for the long term, and to determine how to cover the estimated $150 million needed to keep Angel Stadium up and running for the long term.
February 16, 1990 | AMY PYLE, TIMES STAFF WRITER
A proposal to kick military training programs off the Cal State Northridge campus appeared to have widespread support among faculty members Thursday, but when the issue was to be voted on the Faculty Senate did not have a quorum. If the Reserve Officer Training Corps is ousted from CSUN at the senate's March meeting, it would be the first time the program has been barred from an American college campus since the Vietnam War.
April 25, 2014 | By Maria L. La Ganga
DURHAM, Ore. - Oregon officials voted unanimously Friday to jettison the state's disastrous health insurance exchange and switch to the federal system, admitting disappointment and defeat in an arena where the state had been a trailblazer. With its 7-0 vote, the board of directors for Cover Oregon acknowledged that the state exchange was too expensive and too troubled to fix. Although the state has spent an estimated $248 million to get the operation up and running, it never enrolled a single private insurance customer online.
To understand why Northern Ireland's conflict has defied solution for so long, take the road less traveled and meet the divided people of Moy. The popular image of Northern Ireland is of urban Belfast battlegrounds, where high steel barricades daubed with tribal slogans make divisions between Catholic and Protestant immediate and obvious.
In the white farmhouse where Allen Quist grew up doing chores with his three brothers, politics was not considered polite dinner conversation. But the world has changed for the worse since then, according to the man who wants to be Minnesota governor. So in the same southern Minnesota farmhouse he now shares with his wife and children, politics is the topic of the day, every day. Quist, an unabashed religious conservative, squashed incumbent Gov.
Of all the acts of executive clemency that President Clinton granted as he was leaving the White House, few strike as close to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as her husband's decision to reduce the prison terms of four New York Hasidic Jews convicted of bilking tens of millions of dollars from the government. Sen. Clinton, New York's Democratic junior senator, has said that in general she was a bystander while President Clinton made his decisions on clemency.
June 10, 1992
Willie Horton may have won an election for George Bush, but Leona Helmsley didn't win one for Gray Davis. Maybe there's still hope for the political process. POLLY DILLARD Los Angeles
June 4, 1987
LOS ANGELES CITY COUNCIL District 6 100% Precincts Reporting Votes % *Ruth Galanter 21,846 57.9 Pat Russell (inc) 15,855 42.1 District 10 *Nate Holden 10,594 65.9 Homer Broome Jr. 5,490 34.1 COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOARD 100% Precincts Reporting Votes % District 1 *Wallace Knox 103,834 53.0 Patricia Hollingsworth 92,051 47.0 District 3 *Julia L. Wu 108,396 54.5 M. A. Hudson (inc) 90,417 45.5 District 7 *David Lopez-Lee 113,461 57.7 Richard E. Ferraro 83,311 42.
April 24, 2014 | By Chris Megerian
SACRAMENTO - Gov. Jerry Brown has both Democrats and Republicans on board with the broad outlines of his plan for stockpiling some cash and paying off debt. But as the special legislative session Brown called on the issue opened Thursday, it was clear that, as lawmakers like to say, the devil could be in the details. Republicans, whose votes the Democratic governor needs to place his measure on the fall ballot, want tighter controls on the reserve fund than the governor has proposed.
April 24, 2014
Re "Oddball bills stand out in congressional session," April 22 Pity that some of our congressional representatives are so vapid that a special bill had to be written for them to do the right thing. The Read the Bills Act shouldn't be necessary, but it should be passed. Any school kid knows that he has to read the assignment. Yet it seems some of our representatives think showing up to vote on unread material is enough. Not so. You take an oath of office and you do the job. Plain and simple: Read the bill, and then vote.
April 24, 2014 | By Patrick McGreevy
SACRAMENTO - A proposal to charge a tax on oil pumped from the ground in California was approved Thursday by a state Senate panel on grounds that it would help fund higher education in the state. The Senate Education Committee voted, 5-2, to advance the bill that would levy a 9.5% tax to raise $2 billion annually to be divided among state universities and colleges, state parks and human service programs. “California is the only major oil producer in the world that does not collect taxes on oil production,” Sen. Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa)
April 24, 2014 | By Gary Klein and Chris Foster
Don't look for the union label around USC's or UCLA's football practice facilities any time soon. Football players at both schools are aware that Northwestern players might unionize. But when asked about the issue recently during spring practice, several said they were only casually monitoring the situation. "There has been some small talk around the locker room," said UCLA quarterback Brett Hundley. "We'll get a lot more information. Obviously, they are starting something. " Northwestern players will vote Friday on whether to unionize.
April 22, 2014 | By Eric Sondheimer
The Catholic Athletic Association voted Tuesday to add Cathedral to a four-team league made up of Loyola, Bishop Amat and Gardena Serra for football only. Previously, Salesian was in the league but won an appeal, forcing the CAA to take another vote. The league is expected to be in the Pac-5 Division. Cathedral was selected over St. Francis. The other likely Pac-5 Division league will be made up of Alemany, Notre Dame, Crespi and Chaminade. Cathedral will appeal to the Southern Section Council on April 30, football Coach Kevin Pearson said.
April 22, 2014 | By Hugo Martin
Pilots for JetBlue Airlines, the nation's sixth largest carrier, voted Tuesday to unionize after rejecting two previous union votes. The more than 2,600 pilots, with a vote of about 71%, agreed to join the Air Line Pilots Assn. International, which already represents more than 50,000 pilots at 31 carriers in the U.S. and Canada. Until the vote, JetBlue was the last major airline without union representation. The New York-based airline was founded in 1999. Best airlines, worst airlines: JetBlue tops survey as scores slide “ALPA welcomes the JetBlue pilots,” said Capt.
April 20, 2014 | By Peter H. Schuck
Campaign finance reformers are worried about the future. They contend that two Supreme Court rulings - the McCutcheon decision in March and the 2010 Citizens United decision - will magnify inequality in U.S. politics. In both cases, the court majority relaxed constraints on how money can be spent on or donated to political campaigns. By allowing more private money to flow to campaigns, the critics maintain, the court has allowed the rich an unfair advantage in shaping political outcomes and made "one dollar, one vote" (in one formulation)
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