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Vudu Inc

January 6, 2008 | From Times Wire Services
DVD-by-mail service Netflix Inc. will begin delivering movies and other programming directly to televisions later this year through a set-top box that will pipe entertainment over a high-speed Internet connection. The box, to be made by LG Electronics Inc., is designed to broaden the appeal of Watch Instantly, a year-old streaming service that Los Gatos, Calif.-based Netflix provides to its 7 million subscribers at no additional cost. LG didn't reveal how much the box would cost. Similar devices made by Apple Inc. and Vudu Inc. cost $299 to $399.
May 21, 2008 | From the Associated Press
Preparing for the eventual extinction of its DVD-by-mail rental service, Netflix Inc. on Tuesday introduced its first solution for subscribers who want entertainment delivered directly to their television sets with just a few clicks on a remote control. The breakthrough comes in the form of a 5-inch-by-5-inch device tailored for a year-old service that uses high-speed Internet connections to stream more than 10,000 movies and television shows from Netflix's library. Although it's provided at no additional cost to most of Netflix's 8.2 million subscribers, the streaming service has had limited appeal because it doesn't include the latest movies and couldn't easily be watched on anything but a personal computer.
November 26, 2008 | Associated Press
Blockbuster Inc. will start renting movies and television shows through a new gadget that may give consumers another reason to bypass the struggling video chain's 7,500 stores. The system unveiled Tuesday relies on a small box that connects to television sets and stores video after it's downloaded over high-speed Internet connections. The player, made by San Jose-based 2Wire Inc., is based on the same concept as storage devices made by Apple Inc. and Vudu Inc.
September 6, 2007 | Alex Pham, Times Staff Writer
A Silicon Valley start-up offering a TV set-top box for movies on demand is set to launch today, hoping it has the magic touch with consumers who have so far been reluctant to embrace such services. Vudu Inc., based in Santa Clara, Calif., boasts a library of 5,000 titles for purchase or rental via the Internet, about the same number available in a typical Blockbuster store.
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