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W Ann Reynolds

July 29, 1990
Jewel Plummer Cobb, who has presided over Cal State Fullerton for the last nine years, steps down from the presidency Tuesday. Cobb's retirement--and that of three other California State University presidents who are 65 or older--was requested by now-ousted CSU Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds. Cobb took over the presidency at Cal State Fullerton on Oct. 1, 1981.
May 23, 1987
California State University, Northridge, held its 29th commencement Friday on the lawn in front of Oviatt Library, with university President James W. Cleary conferring 5,308 diplomas. CSU Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds and Cleary spoke to the graduates. "These graduates are not the everyday breed of yuppies addicted to 'me-ism,' " Cleary said. "They're human beings who understand the need for love in an educated soul."
July 11, 1985
While Latinos comprise about one-fourth of the state's kindergarten-through-high school population, the group accounts for only one-tenth of the California State University student body, a report said. The study by the Commission on Hispanic Underrepresentation was presented to Cal State trustees meeting in Long Beach in an attempt to help attract Latino students to the system. "California cannot afford this massive and growing loss of talent," Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds said.
December 30, 1989
As a professor in the California State University system since 1963 and the recipient of the statewide trustee's "Outstanding Professor Award" in 1967, I am appalled on several levels by the revelation (Part A, Dec. 20) that Marianthi Lansdale, chairwoman of the CSU board of trustees, falsified her claim to have a 2-year community college degree, and reportedly said that she "doesn't care" that she misstated her educational background. First, why are apparently unqualified people who make large campaign donations to the governor rewarded with this kind of important appointment?
April 10, 1990 | From Times staff and Wire reports
A month earlier than previously announced, the California State University Board of Trustees next week will review the large and controversial pay raises for 27 top university officials--including the 43% salary hike, to $195,000 a year, given to Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds. Trustees are to meet in special session at the Oakland Airport Hilton on April 20, the day after a committee meeting on the issue at the same location. Those raises, which took effect Jan.
November 13, 1985 | DAVID G. SAVAGE
Upon taking office as the first woman chancellor of the California State University system, W. Ann Reynolds noticed the university's Latin motto: "Vir, Veritas, Vox." "It was brought to the attention of the system," university officials said in a report on Tuesday, "that 'Vir' was gender specific. It referred to man, rather than all mankind."
June 9, 1985
To celebrate its 29th annual commencement, Cal Poly, Pomona, held ceremonies at 11 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Saturday in the university quad. Degrees: 2,573 diplomas awarded, including 347 graduate degrees. Speaker: Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds of the California State University said: "Three things may help you apply your knowledge in the years ahead. First, learn something new every day. It is the process of asking, searching, reaching, extending, learning, growing that is important.
September 9, 1989
Regarding "Joffrey Making Itself at Home at Cal State L.A." (Aug. 23), the Salli Stevenson article that speaks of the "new partnership" between the dance troupe and the California State University system: I am appalled at the expensive association with the Joffrey Ballet in which "the university is providing a handsome physical plant" for the dancers. This is still another in a long series of extravagant performing-arts expenditures by a system that simply cannot afford them. Under Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds, these expenditures have run amok.
November 16, 1989
Southeast area teachers were among 61 from 54 school districts to be honored Wednesday as the county's "Teachers of the Year" by the Los Angeles County Board of Education during American Education Week, Nov. 12-18. Teachers honored from this area: Anita O. Wilson, Bellflower Unified School District; Orpheus O. Anderson Jr.
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