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August 28, 1997 | BILL PLASCHKE
As if this comes as a big surprise, I'm not real smart. I don't understand my electric bill. I am frightened of my VCR. I recently tried to buy groceries with a phone card. So anyway, Wednesday, I called Joel Wachs with a question. Tell me again, why can't we let the Kings' owners build us a downtown arena? I mean, if they want to? If they are going to pay for it? The whole thing? "Fine," the mayor said. "Let them." (Oops. He's not the mayor yet. I've been making that mistake lately. So has he.
July 30, 1988
Da riter's strike is maybe a good ting. Really. I think becuz it might make some folks read a book insted of waching tv. Maybe even go out and see a play. Gosh, if they reely want to wach tv, maybe the oughtin look at da ejucashunal stuff . . . see wales and fish and how da earth was invented and stuff . . . cuz not everthin is 227 or Miami Vice. . . . STEVE WOLCOTT Los Angeles
July 11, 2013 | By Patt Morrison
California has had term limits in the Legislature since 1990. Boy, that's really made a massive difference in the quality of governance, hasn't it? In Los Angeles, the rules now limit City Council member to three terms in their seats, and a consequence is that where once local legislators kept a weather eye for vacant jobs in Sacramento, now it's the other way around: Sacramento legislators are looking to city seats as their next political berths. All this is by way of getting to Joel Wachs, who did what no Angeleno -- at least not of any current generation -- is likely to do. Wachs served for 30 years as an L.A. City Council member, representing part of the San Fernando Valley.
Mayor Richard Riordan's staff poked fun this week at the ballot counting mess in Florida by sending out an invitation to a holiday party printed like one of those butterfly ballots that has Democrats crying foul in Tallahassee. The mock ballot offers a chance to vote on whether to attend the party, but the choices don't line up with any of the hole punches that run down the center.
January 19, 2000 | PATRICK MCGREEVY
City Councilman Joel Wachs called Tuesday for Los Angeles to join a boycott of South Carolina until the Legislature there removes the Confederate flag from its statehouse, saying the pendant is a symbol of racism. The motion by Wachs, to be considered by the full council next week, would prohibit city employees from visiting South Carolina at government expense until the flag is taken down. Wachs also sought a U.S.
October 19, 1994 | HUGO MARTIN
Responding to the fear of seniors in the San Fernando Valley following the murder of two elderly women, Los Angeles City Councilman Joel Wachs will today propose the creation of a senior safety program. If approved by the City Council, Wachs' proposal would instruct the Police Department and other city departments dealing with senior citizens to establish a program to stem the fear of crime among the elderly.
May 7, 1985 | FRANK CLIFFORD, Times Staff Writer
The debate over rent control in Los Angeles, always the object of an intense fight, resumed Monday as City Councilman Joel Wachs proposed a formula that would reduce the rate of allowable rent increases by more than 50%. Wachs' formula would limit annual increases to 3% this year, as opposed to the 7% now in effect. It is the first proposal to come from the council since the completion April 23 of a $500,000, six-month rent control study.
June 6, 2001
In a time when we so often see our public officials run for cover, Joel Wachs was a refreshing, complicated, controversial and courageous public servant ("Wachs to Leave Council for N.Y.," May 31). Those qualities made him stand tall above the others, but also contributed to the fact that he will be residing in New York rather than at Getty House. Wachs was a scrappy fighter for the underdog. And along the road he made some powerful enemies. The politicians he irritated and the special interests he fought lined up against him, throwing their support to his opponents in the April election.
September 17, 1995
Your editorial ("A Fiscal Fitness Trainer for City Hall," Sept. 3) commending and praising Joel Wachs but taking him to task for asking reimbursement of car expenses for his city-owned automobile only shows how shortsighted your editorial policy is. Joel has shown a waste of millions, but you take him to task over pennies. Joel Wachs has done nothing that isn't given executives in private industry. He was open and above board and it violated no law. I wonder what perks the senior editors of the Los Angeles Times receive?
November 21, 1986
A police officer has been assigned to take police reports once a week at the Foothill Boulevard field office of Los Angeles City Councilman Joel Wachs, officials announced Thursday. The effort is designed to make the police more accessible to the Sunland-Tujunga area The officer is to take reports from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Tuesday at 7747 Foothill Blvd.
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