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Wading Pool

November 14, 1999
Re "Quiet Waters," Nov. 6. Surprise! Surprise! It's November and no one is using the Hansen Dam so-called "swimming lake," which for the most part is only a huge wading pool. Yes, as could easily have been predicted, it will sit idle for eight months of the year. As to the tiny "boating lake," saying it is a replacement for the old lake is a monumental farce. This project is one of the most flagrant wastes of our tax money we have ever seen. It should be dubbed "Berman's Folly." HOWARD LOCKWOOD Lake View Terrace As a resident of the overlooking community of Kagel Canyon, I have been a frequent visitor at the [Hansen Dam Recreation Area]
March 13, 2011 | By Susan Carpenter, Los Angeles Times Staff Writer
Circus Hostel, 1a Weinbergsweg, Berlin; 011-49-30-2000-39-39, . Family-friendly apartment-style rooms, with kitchens and baths, occupy the top floor of this clean and friendly hostel, separate from the lower, communal-style floors. Two- and four-person apartments are available for about $120 and $190 a night, respectively. Tiergarten flea market , U6 Reinickendorfer Strasse, Berlin. Open Saturdays and Sundays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Free admission.
July 25, 1996 | LAURIE K. SCHENDEN
If you can't be in Atlanta for the Olympic Games, the next best thing may be to commune with the Greeks, the originators of the Games, at the 23rd annual Santa Barbara Greek Festival. Although there won't be any athletes on hand to hand off the flame, the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympic Games will be commemorated with a torch-lighting ceremony on Saturday, at noon.
July 14, 2003 | Jennifer Mena, Times Staff Writer
An off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy saved the life of a 4-year-old boy who fell into an Orange condominium complex pool unnoticed Sunday evening. The boy, Robert Anthony Garcia, was underwater for three or four minutes before a neighbor dived into the pool and recovered the boy, said father Philip R. Garcia. The deputy gave the boy CPR.
June 26, 2011 | By Nick Owchar, Los Angeles Times
Dude Fun With Dude and Betty Lisa Pliscou, illustrated by Tom Dunne Harper: 32 pp., $14.99, ages 4 and up Once upon a time, there was a little surfer looking for some tasty waves. Not kiddie swells in the wading pool. No way. What he wanted was some good, righteous stuff to make him shout "Stokaboka!" all day long. Lisa Pliscou's children's book, "Dude: Fun With Dude and Betty," is the story of this young man's quest to ditch homework and spend a hot summer's day on the finer things in life, like cranking waves and eating nachos.
February 23, 1995 | MAKI BECKER
A family of tigers rescued from starvation and abuse at an Irish farm in December were released Wednesday to their new home--a 10,000-square-foot secured area, complete with a wading pool, within the confines of the Wildlife Waystation. "Today, they left the quarantine area looking fat and sassy and beautiful and healthy, and moved into a wonderful, naturalistic enclosure," said Martine Colette, the facility's founder.
June 10, 1994 | JON NALICK
Wearing red bandannas and cowboy boots, more than 400 schoolchildren on Thursday celebrated the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of life in the Old West. Designed to excite children about history by providing interesting educational activities, Fay Fryberger Elementary School's fourth annual Western Day offered a bonanza of events such as horseback rides and panning for bits of gold-colored rock.
"Maisy" fans, take note: The sweet little mouse in the red T-shirt now has her own TV show. Nickelodeon's new Nick Jr. preschooler series, "Maisy," is a delightfully rendered animated version of the pop-up, flap and tab-pull books so dear to the hearts of countless pint-size fans and their parents.
October 13, 1994 | JON GARCIA
Planning Commissioner Edie Warwick has been removed from her position by the City Council for overstepping her authority as a city official and because charges have been filed against her in the case of a missing dog. Before the unanimous vote Monday, Councilwoman Virginia Rhodes said complaints from other city officials and a captain in the Lennox sheriff's station about Warwick's behavior prompted her to call for Warwick's removal.
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