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October 30, 2007
Re "A mouthpiece says it all," Opinion, Oct. 25 Gustavo Arellano emphasizes that the use of a Mexican-flag-decorated mouthpiece by USC quarterback Mark Sanchez is a statement about ethnic heritage. Numerous hyphenated groups (such as African-Americans, Korean-Americans and Mexican-Americans) populate this country. The actual hyphenation itself is intended to recognize and honor the first part of the hyphen while, at the same time, affirming allegiance to the second part.
January 26, 2006 | David A. Keeps and Craig Nakano, Times Staff Writers
WITH Oscar buzz in Tinseltown nearing a crescendo, owners of the Puppies and Babies pet boutique say devising their Valentine's Day-themed window display was a no-brainer. " 'Brokeback Mountain' is one of the great love stories of all time, so of course 'Barkback Mountain' just came out," says Hannah Brand, who with husband Robert Moritz crafted a cheeky homage to the Heath Ledger-Jake Gyllenhaal film about two cowboys' epic romance.
June 23, 2006 | Chuck Culpepper, Special to The Times
We, the many tabloid readers of Britain, devour the antics of the WAGs in Germany. You don't know the WAGs? Well, "WAG" is high-brow proper English for Wives And Girlfriends of famous English soccer players, a word probably worthy of newfound qualification in the dictionary. If we're to believe the tabloids, and some of us even do, the WAGs have savored Germany, lounging and cavorting while not even once being ripped for lack of any coherent offensive structure.
January 5, 1993 | Associated Press
President Bush was awarded the Millard Fillmore Society's tongue-in-cheek "Medal of Mediocrity" on Monday, beating out runners-up Woody Allen, Vice President Dan Quayle and the Postal Service. The group said Bush clinched its 1992 award when his popularity plummeted from a record high after the Persian Gulf War and he lost the election.
July 7, 2001
So, NBC is going to tape-delay the Winter Olympics to the West Coast. No problem. NBC, tell your multimillion-dollar advertisers that I will do what I did in the past Summer Olympics. I'll tape their tape, check my computer for the results and see only those portions that interest me. No promos, no commercials, just those events I'm interested in. About 12 minutes of viewing time should do it. Louis H. Abramson Westlake Village
April 17, 2000 | Howard Rosenberg
"The crowd swells, the heat intensifies!"--An Elian Gonzalez news tease on MSNBC. Throat dry. Head aching. Eyes stinging. Ears ringing. Heart thumping. Watching television can reduce you to a suffering, frustrated wreck who snarls and screams epithets at the screen.
August 20, 2008
Re "Who got Georgia into this?," Opinion, Aug. 14 Rosa Brooks' excellent column points out the connection between Randy Scheunemann, John McCain's foreign policy advisor, and the current hostilities between Russia and Georgia. Scheunemann's lobbying firm is being paid handsomely by Georgia, which obviously expected the U.S. to rescue it when it picked a fight with Russia. I see another, more sinister connection. The U.S. has nothing to gain in Georgia. Our cozying up to Georgia, and McCain's supporting their claim to South Ossetia, are only aimed at provoking Russia.
April 18, 1999 | Associated Press
Yugoslavia's film academy announced Saturday that it awarded its top prize to "Wag the Dog," a film about an American president who fabricates a war in Albania to distract attention from a sex scandal. The academy recognized the film's stars, director and producers, and it invited them to travel to Belgrade to accept the award. Belgrade TV stations aired "Wag the Dog" March 26, two days after NATO began pounding Yugoslavia with air raids. The U.S. movie was also shown here last summer.
June 3, 2005
Re "New SAT: Write Long, Badly and Prosper," May 29: Les Perelman makes sound recommendations, such as discarding the five-paragraph formula and emphasizing quality over quantity of prose, for changing how the new essay portion of the SAT is scored. But I don't think it's any accident that SAT scores are such reliable indicators of parents' income levels, and would be surprised if there were any genuine will to tamper with the standards that have produced that state of affairs. A lucrative industry has formed around the process of applying to college, private ones especially.
July 31, 1998 | LESLEY WRIGHT
It will be a dog day afternoon Sunday, when pet lovers gather to dedicate the Doggy Walk of Fame near the dog park on Edwards Street. The walkway consists of more than 800 concrete squares that commemorate prized pets of residents all over the city. The celebration will include a police K-9 demonstration, face-painting and other activities for children. Dogs decked out in creative costumes will parade and vie for prizes. Dog owners can register for the event until 3 p.m. at the park.
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