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February 25, 2014 | By Susan Denley
Naomi Campbell walked the runway in German designer Philipp Plein's Dallas-themed show at Milan Fashion Week on Sunday, keeping her cool as fireworks exploded around her. [The Cut] Fergie is showing that she is back in shape after the birth of her 6-month-old baby Axl. She's modeling in Calvin Klein ads, wearing Calvin's undies and nothing else. [People] The Costume Designers Guild honored the films "12 Years a Slave," "Blue Jasmine" and "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" and television's "Downton Abbey," among others, at its annual awards ceremony Saturday in Los Angeles.
February 24, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
"The Walking Dead" has seen people from many walks of life shuffle onto its stage, but no matter how clean-cut or down-and-dirty they have been, generally they've displayed a fair amount of common sense. It's probably fair to say that a zombie epidemic would have a Darwinian culling effect on the population. But that's not to say that all the idiots died. And on Sunday's episode, "Claimed," we found a few of them. In the aftermath of the prison's destruction, the surviving main players continue to follow concurrent but separate narratives.
February 21, 2014 | By Rene Lynch
1. Walk or bike to work once a week. 2. Don't park your car in the spot closest to the front door. Instead, find the parking stall farthest away. (Of course, take security into consideration.) 3. Stairs, no elevators. 4. Stop the impulse to email. Instead, get up off your duff and walk to a colleague's desk to deliver a work message. 5. Walk 15 minutes before work. (That's 71/2 minutes in one direction, and then turn around.) 6. Walk 15 minutes at lunch. 7. Walk 15 minutes after your shift ends.
February 21, 2014 | By Rene Lynch
Is it time for a standing desk? To be honest, there is debate about whether a standing desk - in and of itself - can help reverse a sedentary lifestyle. But experts say it's a step in the right direction. At the very least, a standing desk can serve as a constant reminder to weave more activity into our everyday lives, said Dr. James Levine, an obesity expert at the Mayo Clinic who encourages businesses to embrace healthier workplaces. Before you spend a penny, why not just find an empty box or milk crate and turn it upside down?
February 21, 2014 | By Lance Pugmire
LAS VEGAS - One of the entertaining signatures of a Ronda Rousey fight is the menacing glare she maintains on her ring walk from her arena dressing room to the octagon. Rousey, in an exclusive interview with The Times on Friday less than three hours before her weigh-in for Saturday night's UFC 170 pay-per-view fight against 2004 Olympic silver medalist wrestler Sara McMann, said the focus intensifies on fight day. “When I start putting my hair in fight hair, and put my outfit on … it's fight time.
February 20, 2014 | By Robert Abele
The risible slab of screwball-inspired nonsense called "Barefoot" has the distinction of featuring what has to be the only female character no actress of any pedigree could ever make believable. We're introduced to blond, beautiful Daisy (Evan Rachel Wood, valiant in thankless defeat) as a blank-faced psych ward newbie whose mother kept her in forced isolation her whole life. But when freed by a bad boy scion (Scott Speedman) who needs a wholesome fake girlfriend for his brother's wedding to help loosen the purse strings of his disapproving dad (Treat Williams)
February 17, 2014 | By Patrick Kevin Day
Last week's episode of "The Walking Dead" focused exclusively on Rick, Carl and Michonne, so it makes total sense that this week's episode, "Inmates," brings us up to speed with the rest of the surviving members of the cast. This episode wasn't full of compelling plot twists (well, maybe a couple) and it didn't do a deep dive into the psyches of the main characters. Instead, it was more of a housekeeping episode, doing the necessary taking stock of the large cast in the aftermath of the chaos of the prison's destruction.
February 14, 2014 | By Jim Cox
I have to make sure when I get hold of happiness to seize the moment and soar to heights with it. I am grateful that I can still be joyful at times with simple and new things that were not significant to me before. - Bien Cox, journal entry The "new normal" arrived April 9, 2008. The painful lump in Bien's left breast was malignant. Cancer. The phone, the unholy messenger, was put back in its cradle, and we sat on the couch for a few moments. Tears came and went. Disbelief remained.
February 13, 2014 | By Mary MacVean
Get moving is the message for yet more evidence of health benefits. This time researchers found that women who took part in moderate exercise, such as walking briskly or playing tennis, resulted in a significant reduction in risk of having a stroke. And the best bet is to get moving now. “The benefits of reducing risk of stroke were further observed among the group of women who had a sustained moderate level of physical activity over time,” said Sophia Wang, the study's lead author and a professor at the Beckman Research Institute at the City of Hope.
February 13, 2014 | By Matt Stevens
The Los Angeles City Council approved a $50,000 reward Wednesday for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for killing a 40-year-old man in South Los Angeles. On the night of Oct. 11, 2012, Paul T. James was walking down the 9600 block of South Hoover Street when he was approached by a person wearing a hooded sweat shirt, according to the City Council motion that asks for the reward. The suspect then fired multiple rounds at James, who later was pronounced dead at a hospital, according to the Times' Homicide Report . HOMICIDE REPORT: A story for every victim The Vermont Vista neighborhood where the killing occurred has become deadlier since 2012, according to a Times analysis of homicide data.
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