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December 17, 2000 | Al Martinez
In a corner of my mind where dark things dwell, there is the memory-implanted image of a pair of eyes staring at me moments before they are closed forever. I can see them clearly, even though in reality we made contact for only a fraction of a second, before a quick clanking sound diverted our attention and a puff of poisoned vapor ended our connection. The place was the gas chamber at San Quentin Prison.
October 19, 1991
Funny, but at the time my intuition had already told me that Bob Arthur was fired. Now the story of Bob's "retirement" only corroborates it ("Arthur Claims He Was Fired by KABC," Calendar, Oct. 4). I'm not surprised if Ken Minyard "orchestrated it," as reported. The show was more lively, charming and warm with Arthur. Certainly more pleasant than with those young whippersnappers on now. I, for one, miss Arthur's warmth and lack of goofiness. JOAN McCARTY Van Nuys
January 21, 2007
AFTER seeing "Rocky Balboa," I strongly disagree with the letter written by Kenneth L. Zimmerman [Letters, Dec. 24] who "would rather see Rocky 6 feet under." I loved this movie. Stallone is a mensch whose warmth and humanity shine through his script and acting. He takes his lumps, is self-deprecating and is in great physical shape. This film definitely represents closure for the "Rocky" saga. It's right up there with the original "Rocky." BETH TEMKIN Panorama City Temkin's late brother Jeff Temkin was the ring announcer in "Rocky II" and "Rocky III."
May 24, 1987
There are so many words that go into describing "Our House," but if there was only one that I had to use, then it would be listen . I have never seen a family program with such warmth, understanding, acceptance, wit and genuine listening than "Our House." I sure hope there are lots of families out there that watch the program together, and I sure wish there had been a program like this when my kids were growing up. I have learned a lot from "Our House" and hope that it is on for many more seasons.
November 18, 1991 | From American Health Magazine
Hugging, kissing and cuddling in childhood apparently makes for a happy adulthood. According to a 36-year study, affection rather than strictness and discipline is the best guarantee of a child's healthy development. And wealth, status and stresses such as divorce or alcoholism are less important than tender loving care in predicting a satisfying life.
January 6, 1985
It's bitterly ironic to think of anyone dying of cold and hunger in front of the White House where warmth and fine food abound, and the resident is the elected Keeper of our national welfare and security. I remember when we were admonished by him to care for our neighbors and feed and clothe and shelter them if necessary. Charity begins at home, we were reminded. Now we understand security does not mean warmth, food, shelter and jobs for its citizens. It means another missile, another aircraft carrier.
March 27, 2004
I just read the touching story by Bill Plaschke about the passing of Roxie Campanella [March 23]. I have been an usher at Dodger Stadium for the past five years. During this time, it has been my distinct pleasure to not only meet this positive, upbeat, and inspirational lady, but to have had numerous discussions with her about Roy, the Dodgers, baseball, and best of all, life in general. She came not only to enjoy the game but to spread her warmth with all of us. Despite the decline in health, Roxie would always arrive with her smile and her gentle voice.
December 3, 1993
To a city and its people struggling to overcome the adverse effects of riots, earthquakes and fire, I want to express the appreciation and admiration of our association for the outstanding hospitality and service provided us during our convention in Los Angeles last month. Los Angeles drew a record-breaking attendance of 24,556 persons to the International Assn. of Amusement Parks and Attractions convention, almost a 25% increase over our previous attendance high. It was a great convention in every respect.
May 12, 1996 | Greg Clarke
fig. A. Sports Utility Suit: A rugged all purpose suit equally at home preforming light office duty or slogging through a tough business lunch at Mortons. 1. PPS: TALKING ALARM: Built into suit lining. Motion detector warns anyone who invades your space.(* Personal Protection System) 2. CUP HOLDER: Stitched into pant leg. 3. BORE-TEX MATERIAL: Wicks away beads of sweat during shady business deals. 4. RADIO/CD PLAYER: Dual chest speakers. Subwoofer fits discreetly in shorts. * fig. B.
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