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March 30, 2014 | By Melanie Mason
SACRAMENTO - When the state Senate took up the issue of affirmative action in late January, it was a relatively tepid affair. After 20 minutes of polite debate, senators passed a measure that, if approved by voters, would overturn California's ban on affirmative action in public higher education. But within weeks, the debate turned fractious. Backlash arose among some Asian Americans who feared their children could lose access to the state's universities if more places were granted to students from other minority groups.
March 24, 2014 | By Booth Moore, Los Angeles Times Fashion Critic
Like Vince, Joie and A.L.C.? Meet their French cousins Sandro, Maje and Iro. Los Angeles, birthplace of some of America's most successful contemporary fashion labels, is seeing a new wave of brands from Paris opening stores with their own French take on affordable luxury. One such brand is Sandro , which made its presence known in Los Angeles last week by hosting a star-studded bash at the Chateau Marmont on Thursday night to celebrate two new stores, one on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills, and the other in the Beverly Center.
March 21, 2014 | By Stacey Leasca
What's it like to stare down a 78-foot wave? It's really no big deal. Or so big-wave legend Garrett McNamara claims. “I got desensitized by riding so many big waves that I don't really get a rush anymore,” McNamara said with a laugh, adding, “I'm hoping I get the rush someday when I find a big enough wave.” It's hard to tell if he's kidding because McNamara has ridden many of the world's largest waves. So many that it's hard to keep track of all his record-setting rides.
March 21, 2014 | By Amina Khan
Now that spring is here, maybe it's time to grab your surfboard and head to some far-off coastline -- perhaps as far as the outer solar system. Scientists using NASA's Cassini spacecraft have found hints of waves sloshing on Titan, Saturn's largest moon - the first time waves like those in Earth's oceans have ever been found on another world. Titan is the second largest moon in the solar system, after Jupiter's moon Ganymede, and it's sometimes called a planet-like moon: It's the only other world in our neighborhood to feature stable bodies of liquid on its surface, and it has a thick atmosphere made mostly of nitrogen.
March 17, 2014 | By Amina Khan
Nearly 14 billion years ago, in a tiny fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the universe suddenly expanded from smaller than an atom to 100 trillion trillion times its original size, faster than the speed of light. This mysterious period, known as cosmic inflation, had been theorized but never confirmed. But now, scientists using telescopes at the South Pole say they have discovered the first direct evidence for this incredible growth, in the signature of gravitational waves.
March 15, 2014 | By Lisa Dillman
There were distinct flickers of playoff-like hate, here and there Saturday night at Staples Center. You had Kings forward Jeff Carter and Ducks defenseman Francois Beauchemin snapping and taking jabs at each other behind the play in the first period with Carter later clearing out the defenseman along the boards. Then there was the game-within-a-game battle between Ducks star forward Corey Perry and Kings defenseman Robyn Regehr, flaring again at the end of the second period. BOX SCORE: Ducks 2, Kings 1 This may have been short of a true preview of what could possibly be a first-ever playoff matchup between the Ducks and the Kings.
March 14, 2014 | By Ari Bloomekatz
Temperatures in some parts of Los Angeles County will still likely exceed 90 degrees this weekend, but it may not be quite as hot as meteorologists initially predicted. As David Sweet of the National Weather Service in Oxnard put: "Not quite as hot. Still pretty warm. " The coasts are forecast to have temperatures Saturday in the mid-70s, and from the low to mid-80s farther inland. In the valleys, temperatures in the low to mid-80s are expected. Photos: California's drought Sunday remains the hottest day in the forecast, with temperatures in the 70s at the beaches and in the 80s inland, Sweet said.
March 14, 2014 | By Henry Chu
BERLIN - The last time she checked, Katya Tasheva had the normal number of limbs and eyes. So she feels a nasty shock of non-recognition, she says, when German news reports warn of a coming invasion of people like her - Bulgarians - as if they were aliens from space. "It's all of a sudden like we're these three-eyed, five-legged people who are all going to steal stuff," said Tasheva, 27, a singer who has lived in Berlin for nine years. "Normally when I listen to these comments, I just laugh and switch the channel or turn the page….
March 13, 2014 | By Ari Bloomekatz
Spring does not technically begin for at least another week, but summer-like weather is already headed to Los Angeles, with temperatures this weekend possibly beating 90 degrees in some areas. The weekend heat wave prompted forecasters to issue a heat advisory, warning the public to take precautions. After a relatively cool Thursday, with temperatures in the mid-60s to lower-70s, conditions are expected to start heating up, with highs on Saturday in the mid-80s in the valleys and from 75 to 80 degrees along the coasts.
March 13, 2014 | By Jack Shakely
You've probably never heard of donor-advised funds, but they are taking over the philanthropic world. It all started as a matter of economics. A million dollars to most of us is a lot of money. But as start-up cash for a philanthropic foundation it's chump change. A million-dollar foundation can easily cost more to run than it gives away. So an alternative was created by the IRS to give modest philanthropic efforts a cheaper, easier path to existence, bundling them together under an umbrella nonprofit for investment and management.
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