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Weather Florida

January 18, 1986 | LEE DYE, Times Science Writer
Hoping to salvage a vital scientific mission in March, NASA on Friday passed up a landing opportunity in California on the outside chance of landing the space shuttle Columbia in Florida this morning. At stake is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's most important effort to study Halley's comet. Columbia is scheduled to blast off March 6 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on the first of several planned flights of an ultraviolet observatory called Astro.
Nursery operator Hines Horticulture Inc., struggling with debts accumulated during a two-year buying spree, said Monday it may sell its Sun Gro peat moss unit, which accounts for nearly 30% of the company's sales. The Irvine company said it has hired investment banker Credit Suisse First Boston to explore a possible sale and other options for the unit, the company's poorest performer as well as the most distant from its core business.
Facing possible bad weather in Florida, the space shuttle Endeavour instead touched down safely Wednesday at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave Desert. "This is not the place we intended to land, but this is a great day here, and we brought back a good vehicle," Endeavour Cmdr. Ken Cockrell said about landing at Edwards, the primary alternate landing spot for space shuttles. "Everything is going well and we'll now go through the effort of getting Endeavour back to Florida."
March 19, 1995 | from Associated Press
The space shuttle Endeavour and seven astronauts touched down in California's Mojave Desert on Saturday, ending a 16 1/2-day stargazing mission, the longest flight in shuttle history. Shuttle commander Stephen Oswald guided Endeavour through clear skies to an Edwards Air Force Base landing at 1:47 p.m., leaving a couple of thundering sonic booms in his wake. The mission ended 16 days and 15 hours after the crew blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The astronauts traveled 6.
January 12, 2012 | By Pat Benson
Does the orange juice you're drinking have a fungicide in it? The Food and Drug Administration says orange juice on the market is safe to drink. The FDA says it has no plans to remove products from store shelves after some juice imported from Brazil was found to contain small amounts of the fungicide carbendazim. Coca-Cola Co. said Thursday that it was the company that alerted federal regulators to the fungicide in its orange juice and rival juices. The Food and Drug Administration says the levels of the chemical found by Coca-Cola are safe to drink, but that it is conducting its own tests.
January 1, 1988 | MIKE DOWNEY, Times Staff Writer
Florida State Coach Bobby Bowden's football team lost to Miami by one point, and he blamed himself, and he tossed and turned and said, several weeks later, "I don't think I slept straight through on any night for a month, thinking about that game." Nebraska Coach Tom Osborne's team lost to Oklahoma by 10 points, and he wondered if it was his fault, and with no more chance at the national championship, he said, "I didn't think I was going to live."
The freeze that marched through California's agricultural heartland in December is taking a heavy toll on the state's grocery shoppers, more than doubling the price for a range of fruits and vegetables and driving consumers away. A four-pound bag of Valencia oranges, normally around 89 cents, is now $2.49. A pound of large tomatoes that generally costs 98 cents now sells for up to $1.89. Cold weather destroyed early broccoli plantings, pushing the vegetable's price from 69 cents a pound to $1.
April 8, 2013 | By Richard Simon, Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON - Although the prospect of drones flying over U.S. cities is generating cries of spies in the skies, groups from California to Florida are fiercely competing to become one of six federally designated sites for testing how the remotely piloted aircraft can safely be incorporated into the nation's airspace. North Dakota boasts of its "minimal air traffic congestion. " North Carolina, whose license plates read "First in Flight," cites its aviation history. California pitches its diverse geography: desert, mountains and ocean.
August 23, 2012 | By Paul West
TAMPA, Fla. -- With a hurricane potentially drawing a bead on the Republican convention city, GOP officials may soon face an agonizing choice: warn delegates and guests to stay away, cancel one or more sessions or wait nervously for Isaac to make up his mind. Speculation around the convention site was that the first day or two of the convention was in serious danger of being scrapped. The opening night session, on Monday, isn't going to be carried on broadcast television anyway, although Ann Romney, wife of the soon-to-be-official nominee, is scheduled to speak.
June 3, 2001 | From Associated Press
Jeff Leise's single in the 10th inning drove in the go-ahead run as Nebraska defeated Rice, 9-6, Saturday at Lincoln, Neb., earning the Cornhuskers their first trip to the College World Series. The College World Series has been played in Omaha since 1950, but the Cornhuskers (50-14) will be making the 50-mile trip for the first time. Nebraska, which rallied in its last at-bat to beat Rutgers in last week's regionals, improved to 5-0 in the tournament. "It's just amazing.
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