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West Berlin

June 28, 2001
Wolfgang Fuchs, 62, who helped many former East Germans flee to the West by digging tunnels under the Berlin Wall, died June 7 of cancer in Berlin, the news weekly Der Spiegel reported. In 1957, Fuchs fled his home in the East German city of Jena and settled in West Berlin. The first person he helped to the West was his brother-in-law, whom he pulled across the Berlin Wall in 1962. Two years later, Fuchs rented an old bakery near the border between East and West Berlin.
December 12, 1989 | Reuters
The four-power agreement on Berlin was signed in the city on Sept. 3, 1971, by the U.S., British and French ambassadors to West Germany and the Soviet ambassador to East Germany. It went into effect June 3, 1972. Here are its key provisions: Road, rail and waterway traffic between West Germany and West Berlin would be unimpeded and facilitated. West Berliners would be able to visit East Berlin and East Germany on the same terms as West Germans.
July 14, 1985
East German authorities arrested two people carrying diplomatic passports from a Middle Eastern country who planned to hijack a U.S. airliner in West Berlin. The action was intended as a gesture of support for Shia Muslim terrorists who commandeered a TWA jetliner June 14 and held 39 Americans hostage, sources in the West Berlin Senate said. The sources said East German security agents, acting on a tip, arrested the two at East Berlin's Schoenefeld airport and found explosives in their bags.
May 5, 1987 | Associated Press
Two East German army conscripts climbed over the Berlin Wall on Monday, dodging bullets to arrive unharmed in the West, officials said. West Berlin officials said it was not clear whether the East German guards fired at the two men or fired warning shots. West Berlin Senate spokesman Winfried Fest said the pair, aged 23 and 26, escaped one day before they were to be inducted into the army. He declined to release their names.
October 16, 1986 | Associated Press
Two East Berlin men escaped to the West by climbing over the Berlin Wall with a ladder, West Berlin authorities said Wednesday. The escape took place in September but was reported for the first time Wednesay in the newspaper Bild. West Berlin Interior Ministry spokesman Hans Birkenbeul confirmed the escape and told reporters that it apparently was not noticed by Communist border guards.
April 28, 1989 | From Reuters
Vandals etched huge swastikas onto two West Berlin lawns Thursday using a caustic liquid, police said. A spokesman said the Nazi symbols were up to 165 feet across. No one has claimed responsibility.
September 30, 1988 | Associated Press
An East German man and woman eluded a Communist patrol boat as they swam across the Havel River to reach freedom in West Berlin on Thursday, police said. West Berlin police said the pair started out from the western bank of the Havel near the East German village of Nieder-Neuendorf. They swam about 450 yards in the early morning darkness before reaching the Heiligensee district in the northwestern part of West Berlin.
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