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West Berlin

June 28, 2001
Wolfgang Fuchs, 62, who helped many former East Germans flee to the West by digging tunnels under the Berlin Wall, died June 7 of cancer in Berlin, the news weekly Der Spiegel reported. In 1957, Fuchs fled his home in the East German city of Jena and settled in West Berlin. The first person he helped to the West was his brother-in-law, whom he pulled across the Berlin Wall in 1962. Two years later, Fuchs rented an old bakery near the border between East and West Berlin.
August 29, 1989 | From Times Wire Services
West Berlin decided today to organize a feasibility study of its proposal to host the 2004 Olympic Games with East Berlin. The study group is due to report back to the city government before the end of the year. East Germany has not warmed to the idea of both sides of the divided city hosting the Games and is promoting Leipzig as its candidate, but West Berlin Mayor Walter Momper said he hopes that the Communist state will change its mind.
August 12, 2011 | By Jacob Heilbrunn
On Saturday, Germany will mark the 50th anniversary of one of the biggest and grimmest construction projects in history — the building of the Berlin Wall. Photographs of the wall, which overnight brutally severed streets, rail lines and families, have been on display in front of Berlin government buildings for several months. On Saturday, the memorial events will last all day and include a wreath-laying ceremony honoring the victims of the former communist East German government. The 20th anniversary of the fall of the wall, in 2009, attracted a lot more attention in the U.S. It was a victory we like to claim, especially triumphalist conservatives.
August 6, 1989 | From United Press International
American, British and French soldiers stationed in West Berlin regularly go on buying sprees in East Berlin to purchase state-subsidized products with money obtained illegally on the black market, the Soviet newspaper Izvestia said Saturday. The soldiers sell dollars and West German marks to speculators in West Berlin, who in return give them East German marks at an illegal rate as much as 20 times more favorable than the official exchange level, the official government daily said.
July 25, 1990 | Reuters
An East German spy posing as a waiter served former President Ronald Reagan and used a secret infrared device to beam intelligence reports across the Berlin Wall, a West Berlin newspaper said today. The Berliner Morgenpost, quoting security authorities, said the 58-year-old man, now under arrest, worked for a service firm hired regularly by West Berlin's Senate to cater official receptions.
September 29, 1986
An attempt to rush 27,000 refugees into West Berlin on a roundabout route through Communist Eastern Europe has apparently been thwarted, the West German Foreign Ministry said. A spokesman said the plan had involved ferrying 600 busloads of asylum-seekers from Turkey to Bulgaria and from there to West Berlin.
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