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Western Europe

November 25, 1987 | From Reuters
South American-produced cocaine is about to overtake heroin as the most-used drug in Western Europe, a senior Interpol official said on Tuesday. Paul Higdon, head of the international crime-fighting agency's drugs division, said in an interview that cocaine seizures in Europe have increased 1,000% since 1970.
October 24, 2000 | CHRISTOPHER LAYNE, Christopher Layne is a visiting scholar at both UCLA's Center for Social Theory and Contemporary History and the Cato Institute
Foreign policy finally has emerged as a campaign issue, sparked by the proposal advanced last Friday by Texas Gov. George W. Bush's top national security advisor, Condoleezza Rice. Rice stated that one of the first priorities of a Bush administration would be to have the Western Europeans assume full responsibility for NATO's peacekeeping in the Balkans.
August 26, 1986 | From Reuters
Senior representatives from Canada, Western Europe, and Australia began three days of private consultations Monday on problems posed by an influx of Iranians seeking asylum in their countries, U.N. officials said. Representatives of the Geneva headquarters of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees also attended the talks, the latest in a series called to discuss refugees.
December 13, 2002
Contrary to Maryanna Abdo's assertions (letter, Dec. 10), America has always coupled power with benevolence, technological might with progressive values and wealth with generosity. The countries of Western Europe, including former enemies Germany and Italy, owe their very freedom to Americans who died to give it to them. They also owe whatever economic success they enjoy to the generosity of an America that gave billions to rebuild after World War II. Likewise for Japan and South Korea.
December 1, 1998
Cellular phone use worldwide is expected to increase by nearly half this year, according to Baskerville Communications Corp. of Sherman Oaks. More than 300 million people worldwide will be customers by year's end, a 46% increase over 1997 figures. The ranks of cellular subscribers swelled by 22.3 million in the second quarter, compared with 15.2 million a year earlier, according to the independent research group. There were 22 million net additions in the first quarter of this year.
January 21, 1992 | Associated Press
This country and Russia signed a political treaty Monday that dissolves a 1948 agreement limiting Finland's role in Western Europe and obliging it to help defend the Soviet Union against attack. The post-World War II treaty ruled out Finland's membership in the European Community and created the term "Finlandization" to describe a weak country accommodating itself to a strong one.
July 8, 1987
Los Angeles-based Collins Foods International said 13 unaffiliated institutional investors, mostly in Western Europe, will buy through private placements, 655,000 shares of common stock at $21.25 per share, or $13.9 million. Collins operates 176 Naugles restaurants and 201 Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants in the United States. It operates or licenses 553 Sizzler restaurants through a subsidiary.
July 9, 1989 | From Reuters
Philippine President Corazon Aquino left Saturday for a weeklong visit to Western Europe, issuing a plea for European nations to keep their trade doors open to developing countries. It will be the first visit by a Philippine president to West Germany, France and Belgium. Her trip to Paris will coincide with the visit of more than 30 heads of state and government for celebrations marking the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution.
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