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Western Europe

April 17, 1986
Agriculture Secretary Richard E. Lyng announced the program to promote U.S. raisin sales to Western Europe and Pacific Rim countries, including Taiwan and South Korea. Lyng said the promotion will be carried out cooperatively under an agreement between the Agriculture Department's Foreign Agricultural Service and the California Raisin Advisory Board, a nonprofit commodity group.
June 1, 1987 | From Reuters
Popular support for NATO is weakening in Western Europe, and the alliance could be jeopardized if the Labor Party wins next month's elections in Britain, a report by a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee said Sunday. "In a worst-case scenario for NATO, if a British Labor government attempts unilaterally to implement Labor's current defense program, the alliance could be put in jeopardy," the report issued by the House Europe and Middle East subcommittee said.
June 22, 2009 | Sebastian Rotella
Like many spy tales in fiction and reality, "Background to Danger" begins in a train station. A down-and-out freelance journalist awaits a night train alone on a platform in Nuremberg, Germany, hands in overcoat pockets, shoulders hunched against a November wind. Soon a frightened Russian offers him cash to smuggle documents across the Austrian border, and the plot steams into a labyrinth of treachery.
February 11, 1990 | STEVE HOLLAND, REUTERS
Some Eastern European countries may have to go a century back in time to find a geopolitical model to help pull them out of the economic shambles left by the collapsing communist system. So says Thibaut de Saint Phalle, financial lawyer, author and World War II veteran who has spent much of his life making his way through the maze of international finance. De Saint Phalle is circulating the idea that what Eastern Europeans need, now that Soviet President Mikhail S.
Kaiser International Inc., the master franchiser of American Speedy Printing Centers in California, announced Monday that it has purchased European franchising rights from the Michigan quick-printing company and will invest at least $6 million to start a chain of copy shops in Europe. The European deal is part of Kaiser's aggressive overseas expansion strategy. Two months ago, the Anaheim-based firm signed a 50-year joint venture pact with Canon Sales Inc. and Mauzen Co. Ltd.
February 4, 1992
In general, are you for or against efforts being made to unify western Europe? Country Very much for To some extent for Against Don't know Portugal 54 30 4 13 Greece 47 35 8 11 Ireland 44 35 8 12 Italy 43 46 5 7 Spain 42 41 6 11 Germany 32 48 14 7 Britain 27 41 22 11 Luxembourg 26 48 18 8 Belguim 25 55 9 9 France 24 55 12 9 Netherlands 23 53 18 6 Denmark 22 44 33 4 Source: Eurobarometer 36 - autumn 1991. Note: Figures may not add up to 100% due to rounding.
November 23, 1989 | Associated Press
The Bush Administration on Wednesday virtually cut off the prospects for most Polish and Hungarian refugees in Western Europe to resettle in the United States any time soon. Citing "the democratic evolution" in those nations, the State Department said it will process no new applications by Polish and Hungarian refugees.
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