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Western Wall

July 26, 2008 | Richard Boudreaux, Times Staff Writer
Barack Obama's visit to the Western Wall was a public event. The handwritten prayer the presidential candidate left there was meant to be private. But as soon as he doffed the requisite skullcap and left, a snoop pulled a folded piece of paper from a crevice in the ancient wall and offered it to the mass-circulation daily Maariv.
May 23, 2005 | From Times Wire Services
Protesters jostled and harangued First Lady Laura Bush on Sunday when she visited a Jerusalem shrine at the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. "How dare you come in here! Why your husband kill Muslims?" one protester shouted at the first lady at the Dome of the Rock mosque as Israeli police and U.S. Secret Service agents formed a tight cordon around her. For Bush, on a Middle East goodwill tour, it was a rare, close encounter with hostile demonstrators.
September 3, 2004 | Ken Ellingwood, Times Staff Writer
Take a stroll through the Mea Shearim neighborhood and listen to the walls speak. Plastered on the stone face of one building is a dire warning, in thick Hebrew characters, about a hotel reportedly being built on the site of ancient Jewish graves. A few paces farther, a poster urges religious students in this ultra-Orthodox enclave to resist the "plague" of idleness during summer vacation.
April 7, 2003 | Laura King, Times Staff Writer
Wrapped in a prayer shawl, holding aloft a Torah scroll, Anat Hoffman felt joyous last week as she and a group of Jewish women chanted dawn prayers in a quiet alleyway of Jerusalem's Old City to welcome in the Hebrew calendar month of Nisan. Hoffman, an Israeli-born UCLA graduate and a former member of the Jerusalem City Council, later recalled her sense of coming triumph: "I told them all, 'At the start of next month, we'll be able to pray like this at the Kotel!'
February 16, 2003 | Diane Wedner, Times Staff Writer
"It's monstrous." Enid Steckler surveyed the concrete behemoth and shook her head. Dwarfed by the 50-foot-high double walls, the diminutive Viewmont Drive resident stood with her neighbors before the recently erected structure towering above them and shook her head again. "It's monstrous." China has its Great Wall; Jerusalem, the Western Wall.
Moving quickly to reinvent himself to the world as a statesman capable of pursuing peace, Israeli Prime Minister-elect Ariel Sharon said Wednesday that he is dispatching a team of senior advisors to Washington to explain his foreign policy to the Bush administration, congressional leaders and the U.S. Jewish community.
December 29, 2000 | From Associated Press
An American tourist from Los Angeles splashed red paint on Judaism's holiest site in an apparent protest Thursday against Israeli policies, police said. He was quickly arrested. The man arrived in the country earlier this month, police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. "He came to Israel two weeks ago and then decided that he didn't like Israeli policies," Ben-Ruby said. The man, whose name was not disclosed, was being interrogated, police said. They gave his age as "about 60."
October 15, 2000 | NARDA ZACCHINO, Times Associate Editor Narda Zacchino is the readers' representative
As civil strife rages in Israel, thousands of readers are expressing anger over a cartoon on that conflict by Times editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez published Oct. 6. Most of the complaints have been generated through a campaign on the Internet, where the cartoon has been widely distributed.
October 10, 2000
Re the destruction of Joseph's Tomb by Palestinians, Oct. 8: Where is the outrage? Imagine what would have happened if Jewish police stood by and allowed a Jewish mob to destroy a Muslim holy place! Does the destruction of a Jewish holy place by an Arab mob while Palestinian police stand by (after promising to protect it) deserve no more than inclusion in a list of other damage done by rioters? Is this an acceptance of attacks on Jews and things Jewish as a normal part of life? It makes a mockery of any thought of giving Arabs any control of Jewish holy places.
July 27, 2000
Re "Islam Claims Jerusalem Too," Commentary, July 25: Surely Riad Abdelkarim and Hussam Ayloush have not forgotten that when the Christian and Jewish religious sites in Jerusalem were "protected" by Muslims, Jews were not permitted access to the Western Wall, a Jewish site of primary importance. So much for Muslim protection. It has become convenient and self-serving for the Palestinians to state their cause with half-truths and omissions. One very important reminder is that Jerusalem is presently under Israeli rule due to a dastardly attack on Israel by its neighbors.
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