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April 25, 1997 | PENNY AREVALO
Art teacher Bruce Kanegai received the greatest compliment from one of his students not too long ago. She said he taught her mother 20 years ago at Simi Valley High School, and she considers him the best teacher she ever had. "That's what it's all about," Kanegai said. Perhaps the second-greatest compliment came this week when Amgen Inc. named Kanegai one of five recipients of its annual Amgen Award for Teacher Excellence. The prize comes with a $10,000 prize.
Perched on gray boulders that seem to jut out of the Santa Monica Freeway, the Jeep Wrangler looks as if it is about to thunder off the side of an old garment warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, flattening oncoming cars. The ad, part of a nationwide trend in wall murals featuring hamburgers a giant would choke on, bottles of beer that would flood a stadium and jeans that would blanket a small town, is whipping up a controversy just as colossal.
July 14, 2003 | Sallie Hofmeister, Times Staff Writer
Here's a collection of snapshots, potshots and words from a few hotshots attending the 21st annual Allen & Co. conference, a gathering of media moguls and other business leaders that ended here late Saturday: * Malone's the Favorite Bets are on cable mogul John Malone. The chairman of Liberty Media Corp. recently struck a mega-deal, plunking down $7.9 billion to control QVC, the hugely profitable home shopping cable network best known for selling flashy fake diamonds.
February 18, 2004 | From Reuters
Tyson Foods Inc., the world's largest meat processor, must pay $1.28 billion to cattle ranchers, according to a federal jury verdict Tuesday that said the firm manipulated the cattle market and would have to change its buying practices. The ruling by the Montgomery, Ala., jury in the 8-year-old case could have a far-reaching effect on the $70-billion U.S. beef industry.
July 28, 2005 | Debora Vrana, Times Staff Writer
Profit at WellPoint Inc., the largest U.S. health insurer, more than doubled in the second quarter as the company cut costs, added members and raised premiums, the Indianapolis-based firm said Wednesday. The company was created in November when Anthem Inc. bought Thousand Oaks-based WellPoint Health Networks Inc., which operates Blue Cross of California, and took its name. The combined company runs health plans across the country, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield coverage in 13 states.
February 19, 1990 | KEVIN ALLMAN
What does it take to launch a new national magazine? Investors. A distributor. Lots of presold ads. A writer or two. Oh, yes, and a launch party, the kind with a catered buffet, guests to be impressed and napkins and match books with the magazine's name engraved on them. That was the scene Thursday night, when Time Inc. introduced its new Entertainment Weekly, a publication devoted to brief and beyond-brief reviews of movies, TV shows, recordings and books.
April 28, 1985
For five years now, the would-be developers of Honey Springs have battled environmentalists and area residents over the fate of 2,200 acres six miles southeast of Jamul. The confrontations have taken place before the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, the state Legislature, the Metropolitan Water District and three levels of courts. Remarkably, neither side seems weary of the fight. Back in 1980, when Presenting Inc.
June 11, 2008 | Michelle Quinn
When Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs announced the new price of the iPhone 3G on Monday, the number $199 fell from the top of the screen behind him. It bounced with a satisfying "boing" sound, akin to those old ads on daytime TV: "This set of knives can be yours for only $19.99!" Apple's marketing slogan for the new iPhone, which runs on a faster wireless network, is "twice the speed at half the price." But, as usual, there's a catch. People are starting to do the math and realizing that the new iPhone will actually cost more than the current versions -- but the payments are spread out. It's like an iPhone financing plan, sponsored by AT&T Inc. Yes, the new iPhone, which goes on sale July 11, will cost $200 less than the current version.
One casualty of the Disney-DreamWorks animation battle may have been a few seconds of footage featuring Shrek playing the bagpipes and Donkey playing the accordion. It was part of a new trailer promoting THX, the venerable sound system owned by George Lucas and used in more than 2,500 theaters across America. Last June, DreamWorks pitched THX the idea of using the "Shrek" characters in a new trailer.
December 29, 1985 | BRUCE HOROVITZ
It was a year when Carl Karcher Enterprises went "back to basics," when Naugles Inc. nearly lost its shirt and Taco Bell pulled a pizza out of its Mexican hat. But 1985 may have marked just the beginning of what industry analysts project could be a crucial turning point for Orange County's fast-food and restaurant industry. In fact, 1986 could represent a year when six major Orange County restaurant companies at once attempt to vastly change their images from that of recent years.
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