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January 30, 1997 | GEOFF BOUCHER
A frantic search for a youngster feared abducted Wednesday morning from a local elementary school ended several hours later when police learned the boy's mother had covertly taken him to her home in Spain, police said. Dozens of officers conducted a house-to-house search around Mariners Elementary and scanned local streets after a teacher reported that 7-year-old Daniel Miller was missing, said Police Sgt. John Desmond.
Convicted tax evader Nancy Hoover Hunter was moved suddenly Friday from a downtown San Diego jail to a federal prison in Northern California, a transfer that caught even her defense attorneys by surprise. Robert Brewer, Hunter's San Diego defense lawyer, said he was "furious" when he learned that Hunter had been transferred Friday morning from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown San Diego to a federal prison in Pleasanton, Calif., about 35 miles east of San Franciso.
September 8, 1988 | DENISE HAMILTON, Times Staff Writer
County officials are cooking up plans for a 326-acre park near Camarillo that might include an Old West town, a steam-powered railroad, a Mexican rodeo arena, a 1,500-seat amphitheater and nostalgic "Burma Shave" signs intended to whisk visitors back to the frothy past. The proposed park would be located on county-owned land about two miles from Camarillo State Hospital off Lewis Road, said Blake Boyle, deputy director of recreational services for the General Services Agency.
April 23, 2002 | From Times Wire Reports
A British-born Islamic militant drove off with Daniel Pearl in a white car the day the Wall Street Journal reporter disappeared, a taxi driver testified as the militant's trial began in Pakistan. The testimony came after Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheikh and three co-defendants pleaded not guilty to murder, kidnapping and terrorism. Taxi driver Nasir Abbas said he drove Pearl to a hotel. A white car drove up, and, Abbas said, Sheikh "called Pearl, and Pearl got into the car, which whisked him away."
May 25, 1996 | From Associated Press
When dusting, your aim is to pick up dust, not just move it around. To begin, be choosy about your cleaning rags. Arm yourself with plenty of clean, soft cloths, especially those made of cotton such as old sheets, towels, diapers or undershirts. Cheesecloth and wool are also good. Avoid synthetic fibers, such as those in old lingerie, which are less absorbent. Here are some dusting tips: * Keep your dust cloth clean. Otherwise, dirt particles may scratch your furniture.
April 25, 1988 | EILEEN V. QUIGLEY, Times Staff Writer
Leona and Harry Helmsley emerged from a silver stretch limousine under slate-gray skies a little more than a week ago to be fingerprinted, photographed, booked and arraigned among drug dealers and thieves in the Manhattan criminal courthouse. Clad in a fire-truck-red coat-dress with blue velvet lapels, Leona Helmsley held her head high, linked arms with her husband and smiled at the mass of reporters outside the courthouse. Asked for comment, they replied only, "Good morning."
December 24, 2010 | By Benoit Lebourgeois, Special to the Los Angeles Times
Train travelers can zip from Helsinki, Finland, to St. Petersburg , Russia, in less than four hours, thanks to a new high-speed rail service . Finnish President Tarja Halonen and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin last week inaugurated the new route, the first such link to cross the former Iron Curtain. With top speeds of 140 miles per hour, the new Allegro train shrinks the 250-mile journey from five-and-a-half hours to about three-and-a-half hours. Round-trip fares sold by Rail Europe , (800)
May 2, 1985 | MINNIE BERNARDINO, Times Staff Writer
The Cuisinart food processor, the machine that started it all in 1973, would have fit the description of a "miracle" machine then except for the fact that it couldn't beat egg whites. Its reputation changed slightly a few years ago when cookbook author and food processor columnist Abby Mandel discovered and introduced a method for beating egg whites for satisfactory use in certain recipes, such as spongecakes, mousses, souffles, waffles and fluffy omelets.
February 3, 1991 | JOHN ORTEGA
High-flying for weeks, the Granada Hills High basketball team has come back to earth since North Valley League play began. After blowing out several teams and posting big offensive numbers en route to a 15-2 start, Granada Hills (16-5, 5-3 in league play) has lost three of its past four games. "We haven't played up to our capabilities and we've played some good teams," Coach Bob Johnson said when asked to explain the Highlanders' recent funk. "We're not shooting very well.
October 1, 1986 | Associated Press
Soviet U.N. employee Gennady F. Zakharov, who pleaded no contest to spying charges in a New York court, arrived home today aboard an Aeroflot flight and left the airport by a special exit, fellow passengers said. The regularly scheduled Aeroflot flight from Washington that Zakharov boarded Tuesday in the U.S. capital arrived at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport about 10 a.m., but Zakharov did not emerge from the normal customs channels.
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